Joseph Arthur Podcast with Jeff Ament (and Richard Stuverud)

SuziemaySuziemay Posts: 11,159
Haven't seen this on here, thought folks might appreciate hearing it:

I've listened to a bunch of these, and they are all very awesome and insightful. Jeff talks about the early days. It's almost like Inside the Actors Studio, with Joseph Arthur as the James Lipton of podcasts :) Richard adds colour commentary here and there, but it's mainly focused on Jeff.

BTW, I'm not sure why it's called a podcast, I don't think you can get it through iTunes. You can listen through your browser or download soundcloud. I also hear you can save it as an mp3 but technologically challenged me has not figured out how to do that.



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    Thanks Suziemay! :)
  • Cool! Thanks for posting, it looks like it's recent!
  • RP112579RP112579 Tinley Park, ILPosts: 3,269
    Listened to this last month. Really enjoyed it.
    6/29/98 Chicago-United Center
    6/18/03 Chicago-United Center
    5/17/06 Chicago-United Center
    7/19/13 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    10/11/13 Pittsburgh-Consol Energy Center
    10/17/14 Moline-IWireless Center (No Code)
    10/20/14 Milwaukee-Bradley center (Yield)
    4/26/16 Lexington-Rupp Arena
    8/20/16 Chicago-Wrigley Field
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    8/18/18 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    8/20/18 Chicago-Wrigley Field
  • SuziemaySuziemay Posts: 11,159
    In case anyone missed this.. There's also an episode with Danny Clinch :) Love the PJ Family!
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