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Looking to spend my Bootleg Credit. What's the best boot of the Lightning Bolt tours?



  • ikiTikiT USAPosts: 9,331
    any of the shows I went to...and/or Hartford. Or wait for Memphis.
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  • Hartford or Vancouver. I was at both shows, and they are two of the best I've ever attended!!
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  • YLed2 said:

    Oklahoma City or Hartford.

    I have the Hartford bootleg. A friend of mine was there. It's incredible! The energy of the cloud was off the charts. Ed even commented : "This is not normal..."

    Fenway Park: 8/7/2016
    Fenway Park: 9/2/2018
    Fenway Park: 9/4/2018
  • davidosdavidos Posts: 383
    I have listened to a bunch... attended 5 of the shoes last fall... HARTFORD is the best boot...
    Leeds, Charlottesville are fun too but Hartford is the best. Try OKC if you want a boot with few mistakes but it has nowhere near the emotion as Hartford... Caught part of SD in Sirius and that one sounded really fun... Have Vancouver, Bklyn, Philly, Worcester, New Orleans (cool out of the ordinary setlist by Steve Gleason), Dallas, LA 1 and 2, Seattle... Hartford is it...
  • go get Vienna.. tight, fluent and rocking!

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  • lolobugglolobugg BLUE RDGE MTNSPosts: 7,971
    you won't regret it

    1995- New Orleans, LA

    1996- Charleston, SC

    1998- Atlanta, GA: Birmingham, AL: Greenville, SC: Knoxville, TN

    2000- Atlanta, GA: New Orleans, LA: Memphis, TN: Nashville, TN

    2003- Raleigh, NC: Charlotte, NC: Atlanta, GA

    2004- Asheville, NC (hometown show)

    2006- Cincinnati, OH

    2008- Columbia, SC

    2009- Chicago, IL x 2 / Ed Ved- Atlanta, GA x 2

    2010- Bristow, VA

    2011- Alpine Valley, WI (PJ20) x 2 / Ed Ved- Chicago, IL

    2012- Atlanta, GA

    2013- Charlotte, NC

    2014- Cincinnati, OH

    2015- New York, NY

    2016- Greenville, SC: Hampton, VA:: Columbia, SC: Lexington, KY: Philly, PA 2: (Wrigley) Chicago, IL x 2 (holy shit): Temple of the Dog- Philly, PA

    2017- ED VED- Louisville, KY

    2018- Chicago, IL x2, Boston, MA x2

  • SomethingCreativeSomethingCreative Kazoo, MIPosts: 3,207
    "Well, I think this band is incapable of sucking."
    -my dad after hearing Not for You for the first time on SNL .
  • Big Bank HankBig Bank Hank Seattle, WAPosts: 8,639
    Charlottesville 13 Vienna 14
  • Vancouver is off the hook...but Leeds is incredible...made me cry it's so good!
    I was alone and far away when I heard the band start playing!

    ...I was always a DeadHead, but when I first heard Winston Rodney, aka the Burning Spear, sing, I became a SpearHead too!
  • I've really enjoyed the Spokane show. I didn't go to any shows so not biased because of that.
  • paylingpayling SeattlePosts: 188
    Charlottesville, Baltimore, or OKC - based on the 8 shows I saw that tour
  • Leeds is a must get for everyone
  • RobbyD462RobbyD462 Victoria BCPosts: 4,744
    Vancouver or Leeds
    -Seattle,Wash-Key Arena-9/21/9 -Vancouver,B.C-Rogers Arena-12/4/13
    -Seattle,Wash-Key Arena-9/22/9 -Pemberton,B.C-7/17/16
    -Vancouver,B.C-GM Place -9/25/9 -Seattle,Wash-Safeco Field-8/8/18
    -Vancouver,B.C-Pacific Coliseum-9/25/11 -Seattle,Wash-Safeco Field-8/10/18
    -Misoula,MT-Adams Field House-9/30/12

  • NoloadNoload Monticello, GeorgiaPosts: 1,322
  • Charlottesville....not overrated, was a phenomenal show
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  • kce8kce8 Posts: 1,624
    Totally overwhelmed by listening to the Berlin´14 Bootleg just now!

    In My Tree just made me tear up ...!?!
  • kce8kce8 Posts: 1,624
    Oh, I just wanted to say this is a must have! :D
  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 6,993
    edited September 2014
    Charlottesville, Leeds, and New Orleans (reminded me of a 98 tour show)

    unbiased opinion. I went to zero Lightning Bolt shows
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  • Any other suggestions?
  • Any other suggestions?

    You can't go wrong with any of them. I have all the shows from the 13-14' tour and they are all flat out fantastic.
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 23,867
    Lincoln is great too!
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  • brolocobroloco Posts: 1,226
    Moline. Take away the fact that you have all of No Code album, it's still a great show! Some cool covers, great banter, a pretty nice Bee Girl (never was a fan until show), and an improv song just for Moline, etc.
  • brookelilybrookelily Posts: 213
    Top 3 from 2013:
    OK City

    Top 3 from 2014:
    Honorable Mention - Leeds
    9/24/96, 9/28/96
    8/25/98, 9/18/98
    10/11/13, 10/12/13
    9/2/18, 9/4/18
  • ZodZod Posts: 7,200
    Vancouver is pretty damn good.
  • The greatness of the Hartford show comes across on the bootleg. I just got Moline with my download code, it's worth it for No Code alone. Was having a hard time picking between that and the Yield show in Milwaukee, but decided on Moline since they had some great Yield songs in that set too.
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    Buffalo -10/12/2013
    Hartford - 10/25/2013
    Philadelphia II - 4/29/2016 (TEN show)
    MSG II - 5/2/2016
    Fenway II Boston - 8/7/2016
    Rock & Roll HOF - 4/7/2017
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