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supernaut1125supernaut1125 Denver, COPosts: 255
Hello everyone!
This is Stephen Simon, the lead organizer for the Moline Wishlist Foundation Preparty. I just wanted to get a thread going for ideas, donations, volunteers and such. I am working on a beneficiary this forthcoming week, but I am happy to announce we do have a location set and a start time locked down. I'll include the link to the Official Facebook Event page and a link to get in contact with me quickly. I honestly haven't been on much since the site revamp (besides the Flea Market), but plan to get on here as much as I can.

If anyone would like to help out in any capacity, please email me ([email protected]), find me on Facebook (, or I am also running the Event page (

I will have more information as it becomes available and plan to keep this thread and the FB Page updated frequently.

I want to thank the incredible individuals that run the Wishlist Foundation and you the fans of this community, for letting me host such an event! I have one shot most likely, to ever host a WF Preparty and I want to make this the best thing to ever happen in the Quad Cities, besides Pearl Jam playing here!!

Keep spreading the Jam,

Stephen Simon
Lead Organizer of the Moline, IL Wishlist Foundation Preparty

Friday October 17: Moline IL – iWireless Center
Organizers: Stephen Simon
Location: Bier Stube of Moline 415 15th Street, Moline IL
Time: 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Beneficiaries: TBA
EVENT INFO: Facebook, Message Pit


  • derbydavederbydave Columbus, OHPosts: 11,256
    Thanks for the info Stephen...I'm heading over to Moline after the Detroit show & looking forward to a GREAT Pre-party!!!
    See you in October :-bd

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  • supernaut1125supernaut1125 Denver, COPosts: 255
    derbydave said:

    Thanks for the info Stephen...I'm heading over to Moline after the Detroit show & looking forward to a GREAT Pre-party!!!
    See you in October :-bd

    No problem at all buddy! I really can't wait to meet some of you guys I have talked with through the Forums, or Ten Club FB Page. It will be so cool to finally meet everyone in person! I really can't wait for this!

  • YLed2YLed2 Des Moines, IAPosts: 5,534
    Thanks so much for organizing and for all of the info Stephen. I will definitely be there and will be looking forward to a great preparty to kick off what should be nothing short of an incredible show in Moline.

    Coming in from Des Moines, IA and will be with a group of my best PJ buddies and friends. Definitely looking forward to it.
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  • If anyone has an item to donate to the Moline pre-party, could you please shoot me a PM? We're in the middle of organizing this event and would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks for all you guys do!
  • pjman75pjman75 IndianaPosts: 799
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    A couple people here have asked me if I have any info on this guy supernaut. Looks like he may have been involved in some sort of thievery over on the Lost Dogs thread. Looks like some people were ripped off for $1600. (I sure hope this is just one big misunderstanding).

    Sorry I do not have his email or any other personal info.

    But maybe this can help.
    Maybe contact the Wishlist, and see what they know about this guy. Looks like he worked for them in Moline.

    Good Luck.
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    Free Boston Lou!!!!
  • badbrainsbadbrains Posts: 10,255
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    Ya I agree, contact wishlist foundation and see what they know about this guy who organized their party. They should have some info for you guys. Maybe it'll help u guys out.
  • badbrainsbadbrains Posts: 10,255
    Bump, any help from wishlist? Anybody reach out to them about this guy?
  • Stephen was the original organizer for this fundraiser. About a month prior he had backed out of being an organizer. He also never volunteered and we never met him in person.
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