Riot Act double variant poster Seattle D*Face

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Hi, just been luck enough to source a original poster at Milton Keynes bowl concert in my lucky mystery tube will be selling on ebay uk today

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  • I got one too! Didn't realise the significance until a little while ago after reading about it on here.

    Not sure whether I want to sell it. I know it's fugly, but it's growing on me lol
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    Wow i love it too and was going keep mine but can't as need funds more than poster. I couldn't believe the prices it fetched either, but when researching its so rare to find one of these though let alone 2 did u get it in lucky tube if so what other posters did you get?
  • I got it in the mystery tube with the Trieste and Amsterdam 2 posters from this year. Wanted a mystery bag of tees but they'd sold out so I only got the posters on a whim.
    Shame there's no concrete info on just how many there are. It's kinda intriguing.
  • Sid1974Sid1974 Posts: 20
    It's now available to buy in America and world on uk e**y
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