*** Leeds Fanviews Here 7/8/14 ***

SeaSea EarthPosts: 2,261

Pearl Jam
First Direct Arena
Leeds, UK
July 08, 2014
Set List

01. Pendulum
02. Of The Girl
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Breakerfall
05. Hail Hail
06. Once
07. MInd Your Manners
(Ed jokingly starts to read his introduction/translation from Werchter and then says “Oh right” and tears it up and talks about being happy to be back.  He then introduces the next song.)
08. Lightning Bolt
09. Tremor Christ
10. Wishlist

(Ed spots a phone in the crowd that has a scrolling message on it.  Ed asks to see the phone.  It gets passed up to him.  He seems disappointed when he learns it is a message and not the lyrics.  He thanks the person for the phone and sets it down behind him.  A basketball gets on stage and gets passed back to Matt.  Ed says, “We are getting all kinds of gifts up here.  I like that t-shirt you got there buddy.  And that blouse would look pretty good on my wife.  In fact that blouse would look pretty good on Mike McCready.”  Ed asks Mike if he ever got naked in Leeds.  Mike seems to think it was mostly just Germany where he got naked, maybe England somewhere...definitely Dublin.)

11. Who You Are
12. Ghost

(Ed says, “I fucked that song up.  I went into the last verse too early, so I am going to take a picture of me fucking up.”  He has the camera that was handed to him earlier and starts to take a “selfie”.  Jeff admits that he also fucked up so Ed tells him to get in the picture.  Once the photo is taken Ed says, “Thanks, my daughter is gonna love that one.” and sets the phone down behind him again.)

13. Even Flow (Ed throws his mic into the audience.  a guy sings the “him away” bit)
14. Sirens
15. Push Me, Pull Me
16. Do The Evolution
17. Don’t Gimme No Lip
(Ed pleads for “less war, maybe we can’t get rid of all war but how about less war”  He goes on to say that we all want the freedom to live and dream but the sad fact is war is big business.  The next song is about someone on the wrong side of that business.)
18. Army Reserve
19. Present Tense
(The audience chants for Jeff to sing.  Ed suggests “Fernando” by ABBA because once he starts the audience will take over.  Ed then begins to dramatically sing “Fernando” while Jeff laughs and shakes his head no.  The audience does indeed take over and sing.)
20. Given To Fly
21. Setting Forth
22. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1

(Ed discusses how cancer effects everyone and what a difficult fight it is for the person with cancer and for their families.  He talks about his cousin John who recently succumb to cancer.  Ed’s Chicago Bears #34 shirt is the same shirt he wore when John passed away.  Ed goes on to say that a young man named Jonathan lost “unfair” fight with cancer and wants to play the next song for him)

23. Man Of The Hour
24. All Or None
25. Fatal (a request by a woman attending her 30th show.  Ed hopes the audience won’t  mind and promises the three minutes to play it won’t be deducted from the overall time the band plays tonight)
26. The Real Me-(Townshend)
27. Porch

Encore Break 2

(Ed thanks long time crew member George Webb who “works for the band every single day.  If he wasn’t around we would be fucked.”  He also has Karen, band photographer, Ten Club, and Neil, Matt’s drum tech, come onstage because they both had a birthday the day before.  The audience sings “Happy Birthday” to them.)

28. Smile
29. Leaving Here-(Holland, Holland, Dozier)
30. Black
31. Jeremy
32. State Of Love And Trust
33. Alive
34. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
35. All Along The Watchtower-(Dylan)  w/ Ray Cameron
36. Indifference

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  • Force Of NatureForce Of Nature Hertfordshire, EnglandPosts: 720
    Just back from the concert, and wow, what a show.
    The band were in such a good mood tonight, lots of laughing and joking
    stone singing was great, then tried to get jeff to sing a few times and Ed got the crowd going with 'fernando'.
    ed explained why he had been wearin the same 34 jersey most of the tour, unfortunately his uncle passed away and that was what he was wearing when he passed. This then linked to the petition on the board to play man of the hour.
    fatal was another request for someones 30th show, little slip up at the end but they saved it
    all or none was another great treat
    ghost, those opening chords were rocking
    very long singalong outros on sirens (with improv) and black
    All in all, a fantastic show

  • bobby dazzlersbobby dazzlers Posts: 1,856
    Man alive
    It's a hopeless... situation
    And I'm starting to believe
  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 33,063
    :-O EPIC i say!!!
    just need the boot now ;):D
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    Eddie Vedder- 6/25/11- Philly
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,128
    cant look.,..cant look number 12...hurts....
    next year now..hopefully..
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
    “..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
  • dingersdingers Posts: 73
    My body has given up, great set! Sure it might be an act but Eddie did seem genuinely delighted at the reactions at times! Superb set and what a end run! Can any band match that ending?
    Reading Festival 2006, London O2 2009, Leeds 2014, MK 2014, EV Solo London 1 2017, London 02 1 & 2 2018, Boston 1 & 2 2018.
  • redstuff76redstuff76 Posts: 252
    Wow great set!!
  • PB190357PB190357 Perth, AustraliaPosts: 42
    The crowd blew my mind tonight. So into it and the band loved it. The set was rare and long and I didn't want it to stop. It beat my favourite Pearl Jam show and I don't think it'll ever be beaten. Made me so happy and changed my life. Man of the Hour is my favourite song and I've never heard it live. I cried and it was the best version I've heard.

    I'll never forget this day. 8th of July 2014. I was there. :)
  • dpharesdphares MarylandPosts: 116
    Cant wait for the boot. What a set.
  • Beck..Beck.. Posts: 535
    Awesome show,great set list,man of the hour was amazing,roll on MK
  • SpagsSpags Leigh-on-Sea, UKPosts: 2,824
    What a way to say goodbye, great show!
    Nature drunk and High
  • ZenogiasZenogias Posts: 23
    Absolutely great show! Still processing it all, Fatal, Ghost, Don't gimme no lip...wow!

    Some thoughts:
    Loved the shout out to "Live at leeds" as I listened to it yesterday while walking over to Leeds university to check out the plaque. Thought they were gonna play Young man blues when Mike teased with the riff.

    The Real Me was GREAT! They are so good at playing Who-songs! As a huge Who-fan I feel lucky to have gotten 4 different songs in 3 shows!

    Who you are was great, the outro was epic! The same goes for Present Tense, one of my holy grails!

    Smile sounded awesome! Is Jeff and Stone switching instruments the way they usually do it?
  • P34RL J4MM3RP34RL J4MM3R Posts: 1,209
    NO FAIR. :-& AMAZING SET LIST. Congrats to all who were there. What a tour.
    Thank you Pearl Jam.
    There's no need to say goodbye
  • TigaSefiTigaSefi Posts: 271
    The venue was great, sound was possibly better than ziggo dome and the set list was stellar! The crowd was really into it! Won't be beaten for a while.
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  • PoncierPoncier Posts: 10,947
    So did he ever give the phone back?
    This weekend we rock Portland
  • TigaSefiTigaSefi Posts: 271
    Yes he chucked it back during encore 2 I believe!! :)
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  • lyears1lyears1 Manchester, UKPosts: 15
    Whoa that was quite something.. I see I was punished by having to leave for my train during Alive!!! ...but other than that this show completely blew away the other two I've attended, bootleg needed asap!
    Hyde Park 25/06/10 - Manchester 20/06/12 - Leeds 08/07/14
  • CharliePCharlieP Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 1,021
    I will try and write about the show once I´ve had some sleep and I´ve fully realized what just happened in the First Direct Arena. This is the best Pearl Jam show I´ve ever seen

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  • ldent42ldent42 NYCPosts: 7,850
    THEY PLAYED SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I SAW SMILE LIVE!!!!!!!
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  • JWPearlJWPearl Posts: 19,893
  • IdlewildIdlewild London, EnglandPosts: 173
    Wow, truly amazing gig, possibly the best show I've ever seen, certainly the longest must have been to. It ended at 23:46 I think it started just after 20:25 all these rare songs on the same night. It definitely topped the 2 Amsterdam shows. Hope Milton Keynes will be just as good.

    Of the Girl
    Tremor Christ
    Push Me, Pull Me
    Don't Gimme No Lip
    Present Tense
    playing The Who songs and mentioning Live In Leeds by the Who, and a Bob Dylan classic too.

    Man of the Hour, All or None and Fatal were sung and performed beautifully.

    Sound was very good, it is a nice venue and great atmosphere too

    please play Nothing as It Seems at Milton Keynes. You know you want to.

    Thanks pearl Jam for an awesome show

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  • I think Indifference was cut short. There was no "fills this room!!!". Unless I missed it? But I was stood like right there. Am I going mad? :D
  • Just got in and still can't believe what I've just witnessed.

    Seen a lot of bands over the years but tonight was just on another level.

    My 12 year old daughter's first show and if she lives to be 120 she'll not see a better show.

    Great venue, amazing crowd and the band's not bad either!

    Thanks 10C for great seats and thanks PJ for being phenomenal
    Happy up here in my tree
  • Tremor Christ and a lot of No Code :)
  • solihullslimsolihullslim Whitley BayPosts: 7
    The crowd were fantastic, and it really seemed to rub off on the band. Awesome set list...and I finally got to see Jeremy live :D

    Best show I've been to yet!
  • luke.harvey3luke.harvey3 Posts: 283
    My 19th show and possibly my favourite! (And yes... Including Amsterdam 2 in 2012!!)
  • MissPennyLaneMissPennyLane Redondo Beach, CAPosts: 675
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me with that set list. Wow.
  • UnemployableUnemployable Hertfordshire, UK Posts: 26
    edited July 2014
    Un-freakin-believable set! Man of the hour was epic. The crowd singalongs at the end of sirens and black were spine-tingling. Two Who covers!

    Tremor Christ.... speechless
    Awesome cover of All along the watchtower!
    6 songs of Ten!
    So many highlights... Possibly the best set I've witnessed.

    Bring on Milton Keynes baby!
  • groovyfgroovyf Posts: 173
    edited July 2014
    Epic set tonight. Simply awesome. Some rare tracks played, some real gems. I think it tops all gigs I've seen so far. When the house lights came on, I kept thinking, ok, this is going to be the last song. And it wasn't! Four songs later or so it still wasn't! A whopping 3h 20m show.
    That was a band having a good time on stage.
    PJ and their concerts are something special... the band don't play as though they're on autopilot, never just play the "hits", and the crowd participation is something else. Don't think I've been to any other band concert where the crowd are so vocal with singing along. Love it.
    Tonight's "Sirens" was beautiful with the crowd, Eddie seemed really taken aback by the crowd continuing the ending.
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  • My Corduroy JacketMy Corduroy Jacket Austin, TXPosts: 564
    Just damn! Simply amazing set! Cheers to all the witnesses!
    Austin, TX
  • i_lov_iti_lov_it Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 3,976
    Nice Setlist...Bit of a Slower start compared to the last Couple of Shows :)
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