Las Vegas, NV- GRRL JAM seeks Keyboard player

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We're having auditions on Wednesday July 9th at 6pm at MDV studios, just off the strip. If you are a keyboard player, and have a portable set, come on by. (We may have a small keyboard available, but not sure if it will be accessible that day.. ) There are also auditions for a drummer as we have two- who are only available part time, and we'd rather a full time gal.

Yup, I said, Gal. Grrl Jam is an all female Pearl Jam tribute band. Our guitarist is a goddess, our bassist will blind you, and our singer.. well.. me.. my big mouth has range and training for anything Eddie could ever put on record or sing live. We'd like to have people who can harmonize, or take lead in some songs (like the ones Jeff or Stone have put out, and even in case of illness of the lead singer...). Although we're Vegas based, we're also planning on touring some pretty great paid gigs up and down the west and east coast, and of course, the heart of America.

If you know anyone who may be interested in joining us, or would be really great at one of our auditions, have her PM me, and we'll set up an audition. She should live within 20 miles of the Strip, and be at least old enough to play in the clubs here. (18-21 minimum, although most of our members are in our 30's).
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