No Genie

If I were granted, Just one little wish
And assured I'd receive it right then
I would ask,not for me,but for those all around me
Securing what many have yearned for.

That the sadness and sorrows,of this worlds known tomorrows
Will be a universal strength in return.
But I know theres no genie,and no magic wand
That could make such a wish come true.

We have the power,To create or destroy
Which we've abused enough of the two.
Putting blind faith,In to many silver lined pockets,
Is just one thing we've all conformed too.

The richer the boy's,The bigger their toy's
In God we trust be our luck
Because one push of a button,
Will burn holes in their pockets
So Be the powers of passing the buck.

I stumbled across this. Written when I was sixteen.Oh,Youth! :)


  • TalonTeddTalonTedd TorontoPosts: 804
    I like it. wishful and wise all at once. Happy sweet sixteen.
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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