Waving Flap AKA Critically Low Battery

Blue bruise tattoo, sweltering clam sheltering bomb
Working my way through the thrum in my humming head, fat tuba sounds with nary a breath taken to
Break the Drone,
Ship to Shore Sparky
On & On…Dr-on-e, Dr-on-e… Br-ea-th, Br-ea-th
Centred the call to manage the fall
The reason free, the rhyme is not so cheap
The jingle and coin mine to sing or keep in my heart, may it never garner sleep
Unfair… laissez-faire way of hands… off into the wild…blue wonder
Dislodging and integrating the grain that will not drain
A task I owed to my… self that was lost in ego fair-damaged
Automatic slough gin-gerly oozing boozing sapsucking bottom flicker
Shocking the talking tortoises, carps have had their day and live long into the night
Reeds cover them and are tickled by their algae laden whiskers
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