Tony Gwynn Tribute at Petco Park 6/26/2014 - San Diego Has Lost Its Icon

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2nd best hitter in MLB history. 1st class citizen / human and 1st class family man. Not only in San Diego, but also the entire country. Unanimously voted as the nicest and friendliest player in all of baseball (not only from teammates, but also many, many opposing MLB players / coaches / managers past and present). And let's not forget the press corp and broadcasters ..... In today's baseball, being cordial, sociable, and inviting to the media is almost unheard of. He relished having the media around him asking questions, just trying to get a snippet of his work ethic, and why he was such a down to earth, likeable ball player. He had the best laugh and demeanor in all of sports, without a doubt. Tony gave so, so, so much of his personal time and $$$ to not only the city of San Diego, but also to the young and unfortunate across America - especially those who loved sports. The man simply liked helping people. That's it. Young, Old, Man, Woman. San Diego will forever not be the same now that Mr. Padre, #19, is gone. It's been a very tough week for us San Diegans, lovers of baseball, San Diego, San Diego State, and of course the Padres. Did you know he got drafted not only by the Padres after college (3rd round), but also by the San Diego Clippers of the NBA (2nd round)? This man was an elite athlete - he still holds the all-time record for most assists ever at SDSU basketball. Tony was / is my 2nd favorite baseball player of all time behind Ryne Sandberg ..... but he's definitely my favorite San Diegan of all time. OF ALL TIME. RIP Anthony Keith Gwynn ..... your statue inside Petco Park planted for eternity where you played in right field (and won 5 Gold Gloves, by the way) will forever keep us baseball / San Diego / Padres fans in awe ... and in our memories.

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