*** Vienna Fanviews Here 6/25/14 ***

SeaSea Location: EverywherePosts: 1,981
Pearl Jam
Weiner Stadhalle
Vienna, Austria
June 25, 2014
Set List

01. Long Road
02. Can’t Keep
03. Black
04. Last Exit
05. Why Go
06. Spin The Black Circle
07. Hail, Hail
08. Got Some
09. Lightning Bolt
10. Mind Your Manners
11. Severed Hand
12. I Got Shit
13. Amongst The Waves
14. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
15. Even Flow (introduced as “and old Alice Cooper song, “Cold Ethyl.”)

(Ed asks Mike when he learned he could play like that (referring to his soloing in “Evenflow”.  Mike said, “one night after taking acid and seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn.  But kids, don’t do that.  Don’t do that.”  Ed remarks, “Hear that kids don’t do that.  Don’t take acid and practice for twenty thousand hours.  And don’t mix it up.  Don’t do twenty thousand hits of acid and then play guitar.  If there are any Austrian journalists out there make sure to get that right.  Don’t do acid and play guitar.  Mike wrote this next song and I don’t believe there were any drugs involved at all right Mike?”.  Mike confirms no drugs at all.

16. Sirens
17. Wishlist
18. Rats/Ben-(Black, Sharf)
19. Public Image-(Wobble, Walker, Lydon, Levene (public image)
20. Do The Evolution
21. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1

(Ed comments that during sound check the band thought this place was possibly the worst sounding building they had ever been in.  The band had been looking forward to playing Vienna and being in out of the rain but the acoustics were so bad they thought that they and their sound mixer were fucked.  They were all very pleased that having the audience pack the place and participate has made the place sound great.)

22. The Needle & The Damage Done-(Young) 
23. Speed Of Sound
24. Footsteps
25. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
26. Daughter/Atomic Dog-(Clinton, Shider, Spradley){18 secs long}
27. State Of Love And Trust
28. Brain Of J (towards the end of the song Ed runs offstage left to sing to the audience in the seats in that area)
(Ed tells the audience, “you are sounding so great just one more sing along before we go.  He asks his tech “should I get an acoustic guitar for this?  Maybe the twelve string?  Oh well, I guess I will just use this.” (referring to his white Gibson SG)
29. Lukin
30. Porch  (the band push the globes around.  Jeff’s mic stand gets knocked over and he tries to pick it up with bottom cut away of his bass.  Ed succeeds in grabbing his mic and sings the bridge while swinging from the globe.  Mike gets in the area between the stage and the pit and interacts with the audience)

Encore Break 2

31. Smile
32. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)
33. Alive
34. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
35. Indifference

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  • Sane MarySane Mary Posts: 214
    Unbelievable show, and for the first time in 36 PJ performances I have attended, I got to share in Eddie's fine wine!!
  • GratefulJamGratefulJam Posts: 1,645
    First set Black interesting... brings back memories of Santa Barbara 06.

    Some great setlists so far!
    "thru extensive negotiations we managed to get the curfew moved back..... we still don't have any time to fu&k around...."

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  • What an unbelievable show! The band was on great form, the audience as well!
  • loffy81loffy81 Posts: 147
    Now that's a setlist! I don't buy many bootlegs from shows I wasn't at but I'll definitely be buying this one
  • JWPearlJWPearl Posts: 19,893
    I dont blame you..I was thinking about it too..
    number 6...
  • brolocobroloco Posts: 1,211
    Finally some different covers/tags!! Starting to get interesting :)
  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 10,056
    edited June 2014
    Needle and the Damage! Bring that one back to the states please! This looks like a bootleg purchase.
  • karmadefectkarmadefect Posts: 804
    Dawn I had Long road and Can't keep as two of the first three for tomorrows show.
    Oh well, I guess I'll have to work out a new start for my predition setlist for Berlin.
    Pretty sweet setlist so far, I hope tomorrows setlist tops the two in Amsterdam.

    This one has some very nice selections. Seems like a great night.
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  • lockedlocked BostonPosts: 3,920
    So he's knee is healed I assume?
    "This here's a REQUEST!"
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  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, ILPosts: 2,907
    Just for playing Long Road and Fuckin Up made this show great, should be an amazing bootleg
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  • davidosdavidos Posts: 320
    My kind of setlist! Boot must buy.... Lucky dogs who were there....
  • GerpuGerpu Posts: 17
    i will just say WOW!!!! heading to berlin now but i don't know how anything can beat this show
    ...the in between is mine...
  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 29,484
    Only 3 songs off Lightning Bolt???????? :-S
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  • ChrysophylaxChrysophylax Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 92
    Hopefully they didn´t use all their energy last night - Berlin needs to top this, and that´ll take some work B-)
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  • ap152938ap152938 ViennaPosts: 3
    21st show and one of the best... the sound was crap, as always in Stadthalle, but they made up for it. Amazing energy they seem to have right now, it built up from Milano in my opinion. Triest was probably a better show but this Vienna set list blew away most of us.
    Excited about tomorrow in Berlin, as Wuhlheide is exact the opposite to Stadthalle.. namely amazing sound and more intimate setting...

    Fuckin Up, Baba, Smile.... YEEEES!
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  • tsoviktsovik OsloPosts: 3
    locked said:

    So he's knee is healed I assume?

    Yes he was running around on stage now! Almost did a stagedive as I was holding his hand:)
  • buck502000buck502000 Birthplace of GIBSON guitarPosts: 8,230
    sounds like a fantastic show
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  • mutobartmutobart Posts: 32
    great energy from the band. amazing how they clicked together yesterday. great crowd too. they playe for almost 3 hours.
    on the other hand, it was already a bit too long and I didn't like that setlist very much imho. can't argue against the amazing energy in the show and especially in first maybe 12 songs. I got completely sweat and thought to faint :-)
    2006 Prague 2012 Prague 2014 Vienna
  • JacksterJackster Posts: 14
    Unbelievable. I still wonder if the show really happened. Thanks, guys.
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  • joergjoerg AustriaPosts: 118

    It was the first time for me to see concerts in a row, you know my life is a real mess right now but you guys gave me so much energy i appreciate it so much what you guys are doing for us fans and thanks for playing smile yesterday that really meant a lot to me

    You guys from pearl jam make my world you are not just a band you know

    i wish all you tenclubbers a great night tonight in berlin and also say thank you to all you nice people i have met at the last three shows you are all so classy

    thanks and hope to see you all and pj soon again here in europe

    my personal tour ended yesterday in vienna for this year

    ... wind in my hair i feel part of everywhere ...
  • H.ChinaskiH.Chinaski Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,396
    looks like a killer set. hope tonight is just as good!
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  • jsvajgljsvajgl Posts: 31
    It's great that this band can shutout an entire album (Binaural) at a show but has the depth in their catalog to put together an amazing setlist like this.
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 135,669
    wow...and then.when i.was thinking after trieste how gonna go the next shows...bam...vienna..all was fantastic...im not sure was better than triwste as show...band performance was amazing there.and ..crowd was fantastic at italy..but this was a killler setlist..and i had the honor to rock out at the rail with Amy ..that vienna show was her 349 show...huge respect to this girl that travel to every fuckin contrinent to see the best band of all times..
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  • chainchain MontrealPosts: 335
    This setlist is amazing!!!!! Last Exit - Why Go - Spin the Black - Hail, Hail - Got Some - LB - Mind your manners.... holly macaroni!!!!! An epic setlist... even if they left Corduroy out of it!
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  • tino_11tino_11 Posts: 1,077
    mutobart said:

    they playe for almost 3 hours.
    on the other hand, it was already a bit too long and I didn't like that setlist very much imho.

    This is a joke, right?

    Wow, another amazing show. Anybody who's done the Milan, Trieste, Vienna run are so lucky, all look like amazing shows!

    2010: London
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  • LenzLenz Posts: 74
    another great show - and completely different from Triest and Milano [and I thought this would be a kind of lame-show, since middle of the week, quite peculiar audience, Triest was thus awesome and so on]

    especially during this tour I ask myself, whether these shows are held for us (to come and see them Play) or for them (toplay while we are "crowding" (in this case they should pay us))

    anyway - thank you very very much for a great evening/night in great Vienna!!!! - I am fuckin' excited on the next shows
  • Can't Keep as 2nd song? Bring that rarity back home for the fall please! That is a bucket lister right there. Wouldn't mind Brain either since it's been 16 years. Great set list!
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  • mutobartmutobart Posts: 32
    tino_11 said:

    mutobart said:

    they playe for almost 3 hours.
    on the other hand, it was already a bit too long and I didn't like that setlist very much imho.

    This is a joke, right?

    Wow, another amazing show. Anybody who's done the Milan, Trieste, Vienna run are so lucky, all look like amazing shows!

    why? I may have my prefered songs no?
    what relates the length, good and not. I don't mind listening but in some parts the audience was slowly 'leaving' the show, slowing down the emotions. the band lifted it up always, but it was very very long.

    2006 Prague 2012 Prague 2014 Vienna
  • Sonja_SSonja_S ViennaPosts: 442
    What a night! The sound always sucks at Stadthalle (btw, it's Wiener, not Weiner), so that was expected, but I've heard way worse there, so kudos to the sound engineers.

    Loved the set list, just thought it was a pity I Am Mine got swapped with I Got Shit. As much as I love this song, this was the first PJ gig for a friend of mine to whom I Am Mine means a lot (she even has part of the lyrics tattooed on her ribs), so that would have been the cherry on top for her.

    This was the first time I was not right in the fray. Things had gotten a bit too intense for me when songs like Why Go, Lukin or Porch were played at some of the last gigs I attended, so it was great to enjoy those safely from our designated seats (that no one sat on anyway ;) ).
    One of the times I don't mind not being 16 anymore: when seniority-based tickets land me in row 2 - and because there was only one album out back then - thank you Ten Club! :-bd
    chain said:

    An epic setlist... even if they left Corduroy out of it!

    I missed it too, but on the other hand I'm glad it was left off, or my voice would probably be completely blown now. This way at least I've only been told it has a 'sexy rasp' today :))

    I am going to need a separate drawer for PJ shirts soon, I just couldn't resist buying two new ones. It was great to see so many different shirts from different tours and continents in one place and once again experience what a cool international all-ages bunch we are.
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  • I've been tiding myself over til the release of this bootleg by listening to the last show I went to in Vienna in 2006 and noticed that the setlist is quite similar - at least in that 14 songs were played that night as well - but last night was a whole other level in terms of their energy, the crowd's energy and the special treats we got. 35 songs and 3 hours - no Pearl Jam concert can be too long. Thank you guys!
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