Stockholm 28/6 - ticket available

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I have one ticket for sale to the Golden Circle at Friends Arena on Saturday.
Face value.
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  • d_gild_gil Posts: 12
    is it just 1 ticket??
    i need two..
  • Only one and still available.
  • d_gild_gil Posts: 12
    Still ok as i also found another one :)
    How do you want to handle the exchange and money transfer?
  • d_gild_gil Posts: 12
    Golden circle are 10club tickets as i know.
    it mans they are personalised.
    They supposed to be collected in person at the will call and only by the original buyer.
    i wont be able to use your pdf...
  • Golden Circle were not only sold through the 10club, at least not for this show. Go to this link where you can see all the options:
  • d_gild_gil Posts: 12
    Was not aware of that.
    so its basicly the same golden ring just with out early entry i guess?
    How much does the ticket cost?
    I can pay with paypal...
  • 10club only means pre-sale. If available or depending on the venue the same area/s are also offered through the general channels. Ticnet is the swedish bransch of ticketmaster. I bought it for 840 SEK. See my email in the first post. Thanks.
  • By the way I also spent $20 just to sign up and be able to sell this to a fan and not to some scalper. I'm generally not much of a forum user although I have been a fan for 20 or so years. I understand and respect the cautiousness of buying tickets second hand but this will only be sold once and will not cause any trouble accessing the show.
  • d_gild_gil Posts: 12
    Good to hear.
    im moving this to a personal discussion through email...
  • SOLD!

    Enjoy the show!
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