A Letter to the In laws.

Be it wealthy or poor,
A family which holds together, a secure and loving foundation
Gives a positive impact towards the stability in their children's
Self esteem and personal growth.
Not only to be sheltered within themselves,
But recognized by others, throughout their entire lives
Individuality is clearly obtained through their achievements,
And strengthened by acknowledgement.
Allowing them to grow as a whole,rather than to fight for acceptance
Knowing that trust can be shared equally,Without the fear of betrayal
For,when the children have grown,And glance back on their past
They'll find that, The big dreams that once were
Still remain,Shinning deep within their souls.


  • TalonTeddTalonTedd TorontoPosts: 804
    Ill keep this in mind as we raise each other.. Thanks. A big shinny star....click. ~O)
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
  • donnaruhldonnaruhl Posts: 2,151
    I wrote this 20 some odd years ago. I could not believe the competition between my ex-husband and his siblings.I mean everything was a competition. And they were constantly fighting for the affections of their parents.Were they just to busy to listen? I was at a gathering one time,and every member who left, within minutes afterwards the gossip would fly.It happened with everyone.So as we were leaving, we said our goodbye's,And I spoke up, with a shit eat'in grin and said,"You can start talking now" They were unbelievable.
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