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Tibet Shirt, Amsterdam 1

EV112169EV112169 Posts: 1
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Eddie showed a Tibet shirt to the audience on the first night in Amsterdam (just before Go). I'm from the brand (COPA) that Eddie got the shirt from. We were there but too overwhelmed to take pictures. Can anyone help us with pictures or video? We will arrange a nice reward for sure!!


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  • Jaymz82Jaymz82 Posts: 24
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    That night my girlfriend passed out in my arms during the first encore. Carried her to the back barrier, losing the merch shirts and vest she was holding.
    We were in the first aid for about 40 minutes when I thought I heard Ed mention the Dalai Lama and Tibet, but the sound there was too muffled to really hear what was said.
    Something I, as a buddhist, have been waiting for years to hear mentioned by Ed, since I'm very compassioned with the Tibetan cause and feel like it gets way too little attention.
    Even though missing it completely, I am very happy that finally happened and even more happy that my gf was safe.
    Funny how big things as freedom from oppression for a whole nation and the wellbeing of your loved ones make you realize how insignificant things like missing a big chunk of a gig or losing those shirts and vest really are.
    I searched a bit, found this video
    I'm sure better angled videos will surface, but this will do for now.
    Thought the comment was light yet heartfelt enough.
    Sadly it didnt get picked up in reviews in media thus far.
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  • benjsbenjs Toronto, ONPosts: 8,306
    Any time Tibet gets public attention is for the better. I taught for a mere month at a school for Tibetan refugees based in Kathmandu, Nepal, and developed such affection and respect for Tibetans. Sweet people, deserving of far more liberties in their lives.
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  • MaryCurrellMaryCurrell UKPosts: 12
    Thanks for the Amsterdam clip, love it.

    Here also is a Tibet football shirt designed by Sonam... I was brought up as Tibetan Buddhist since 3 years old (I'm now 37), I wore this football shirt at the PJ Leeds gig.

    It was lovely to hear Eddie's peace speech at MK Bowl - it wasn't directed at our sisters & brothers from Israel/Palestine...or our sisters & brothers from China/Tibet - it was about people wanting to live happy lives in a peaceful world / and the governments who cause so much pain and suffering.

    Jeremyran Sorry you both lost your t-shirts. If you send me an address, I have a spare Tibet football shirt you can have if you would like it.

    Forever grateful to PJ/Eddie for supporting the Tibetan Freedom Concerts. Find further info about Tibet struggle here: (Over 130 Tibetans have set themselves on
    fire in protest in the last few years, very sad).

    Love & peace,
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