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Pearl Jam RIAA 2x Platinum Award

joseph33joseph33 NashvillePosts: 921
I am about to get my hands on this RIAA award this Friday and was just wondering how much it might be worth? I could possibly trade straight up on a pair of Cincy tickets or Memphis. Any help would be much appreciated,thanks guys.


  • VedderMTLVedderMTL Montreal, CanadaPosts: 1,376
    You can get them for 200$ on Ebay. They are easy to replicate and pnly a few are out there. RIAA were
    Really strick on them. Check out their website
  • joseph33joseph33 NashvillePosts: 921
    The award shows it was given to a radio station,KLAC i think. I noticed it going into a mom and pop record store here in Nashville and never saw one before. I figured it might be rare. If not,it'll look good on my wall,lol.
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