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Going to Leeds... Where to stay in London?

Sean ConchSean Conch ConnecticutPosts: 13
Hi, I'm heading from Connecticut over to the Leeds show thanks to the 10 Club! I am going to stay in London for a few days before heading to Leeds. If any state side peeps are going, where would you stay in London? Any PJ fan club events happening? Thanks, Sean


  • JB128716JB128716 Posts: 2,064
    I'm headed from Florida but won't be staying in London. Here's my gameplan:

    July 4-6 Knebswoth for Sonisphere
    July 7-9 Leeds for PJ
    July 10-12 Milton Keynes

    I think London is pretty far from Leeds.
    Also there are tons of shows in the UK during July. Try to catch some if you can.
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  • IamTomIamTom Posts: 1,077
    All depends on budget.
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  • Sean ConchSean Conch ConnecticutPosts: 13
    Thanks. I heard there is a fan party and a benefit the night before. I was going to see London and then train up for the show. If there is a party/pub crawl somewhere let me know.
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