Spares for Vienna and Berlin for sale

If anybody needs a 10C ticket for Vienna and for Berlin, I have a spare for each show that I am selling - Face value of course O:-)

/ Eva
1992: Copenhagen, Roskilde. 1996: Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Zürich, Rome, Milan, Prague, Budapest, Istanbul. 2000: Stockholm, Roskilde. 2006: Prague, Berlin, Vienna. 2007: Munich, Katowice, (Venice), Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Nijmegen. 2009: Rotterdam, Berlin, Manchester, London. 2010: Dublin, Belfast, Berlin. 2012: Amsterdam x 2, Prague, Berlin x 2, Stockholm, Copenhagen. 2014: Amsterdam x 2, Vienna and Berlin. 2017: London. 2017 Plans: Prague, Krakow, Berlin and London 2 :-)


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    SS264732SS264732 Posts: 23
    Hi Eva,
    maybe I will take it. I have to check transportation to Berlin in the night
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    SS264732SS264732 Posts: 23
    ah, its's 10 c GA tic, right ?
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