Each PJ Record's % of Total Songs Played on '06 Tour So Far

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I don't have it...someone want to try and calculate? I am thinking No Code will be the least played by far.
Oh, if I knew where it was I would take you there...

Austin, Texas 09-16-1995
Columbia, Maryland 09-04-2000
San Antonio, Texas 04-05-2003
Santa Barbara, California 07-13-2006
Universal City, California 10-01-2009
Austin, Texas 10-04-2009
Dallas, Texas 11-15-2013
Mexico City, Mexico 11-28-15
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 04-08-16
Miami, Florida 04-09-16
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    Are you looking for the % of songs off of each album that have been played? A.K.A. 5 of 13 songs off of album _______ have been played.

    Or the % of songs total that have been from a given album? A.K.A. 100 songs of the 1000 songs played on the tour come from album ______

    Big difference!
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