ISO Single Tulsa GA or Res

Hello Im looking for a single ticket to Tulsa GA or 10c Res? Thanks for any help you may be able stumble upon :)


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    Toddo67Toddo67 Posts: 1
    I'm also ISO of a single ticket Tulsa GA or 10c Res. Thansk!!
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    FW277120FW277120 Posts: 2
    I have 2 Tulsa GA tix looking to trade for St. Louis show
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    TP128347TP128347 Posts: 67
    ISO 1 Tulsa GA. pm please. Thanks.
    Nacogdoches `93 Dallas`98 BSB `01 OKC `03 Houston `03 Vic `07 OKC `13 Tulsa `14  EV Tulsa 1 `12
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