turntable cartridge recommendation?

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I have a Music Hall mmf-5.1 turntable but it's going on 4 years old and I think it could be time to get a new cartridge or needle or whatever. Anyone have any advice as to what I should get? How do you even know when it's time to replace the needle?

Any help is much appreciated!


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    What cartridge came with it? (Curious because I own the mmf 2.2, fresh out of the box a month ago)
    I see the new 5.1's are shipping with a Magic 3 cartridge. I'm sure you realize you can spend a shit ton on a new cartridge. After 4 years of play (how much play time have you had?) I wouldn't think you need a new cartridge yet. You know it's time to replace the needle when the sound starts to really sound off. You'll hear MUCH deeper bass notes or possibly MUCH higher treble notes. It just won't sound like the song should and you'll really start to notice it. If your music is still sounding great, there is no need to change it unless you're only curious on spending more money to buy a different cartridge.

    When in doubt, also check with your local dealer. Develop a good relationship with them if you haven't already. They should be happy to give you honest advice. Also check out canuckaudiomart.com or usaudiomart.com and join those forums. Surely it's been debated at length there.

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    what's your rough budget?
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