Stroking Shadows

Twenty and three years and leaving you, root bound trees we are; I am, too long untapped
Stripped by your sunlight,naked…still streaked by my stroking shadows lingering lines,
Trial run, making a move, fast track to discovery of the other
Curiosity has me. What is there? What he and I create together may just be…
One… long… date …punctuated by time spanning the working cogs… set to spin once…
again and again……please….
help yourself…
.to my body…heart and soul…
Frightful the way I am tempted to evacuate, seems others advise me to be methodical in this move, analyzing every church key placed in my yielding lock,
Opening the door to so many windows, stained, opaque
Finding my core in-between, being inside and looking out, being outside and looking in,
perspective in senses, scented, incensed
Hailing body’s ability to fly through our fragile fractals,
dimensions are immeasurable, not impossible
Doris Lessing not only had her day, she took it and wrapped it in her night
Shining through her flickering fingers tender grasp on light, love and loneliness
Lessing’s lessons yet to be learned, explored, experienced by the royal RNDM me
Regaling rambling residents reside inside my ramshackle head
Round table knights ‘r’ round the bout with colic gone on far too long
Absolutes take hold in the narrowest places, regiments leaving no place un-ruled
Thoughts…Tie me down
Feelings…Lead me to fly
I want both in balance, stalking the wild pendulum at the farm
Sweet grass, he brings me sage, brings me to the fat juicy middle, brings me a smile
Centred in my souls longing to express the mess,
Get it out, off, on, through the unsettled off- grid
Feels good to flow to black
Inks onto the white page, calling forth the names,
All lobbying to bring in the next connection to a better way
My brain’s skipping like the vinyl, scratched, too shallowly cut or perhaps over played?
Wallowing in the shallows, not bothering to dig deeper for fear of not floating to the top
Learning to dive deep is difficult, when all I know is flight
When all is upside down, anxiety renamed, my sensation is diving, flying, release and then
The driving need for both, embodied in muscular musical symphony
He gives me strength yet makes me weak in the knees…
Instant thought has me vibrating, toes tingling, calves coursing, thighs teasing and tremulous,
Triangular trigger at the ready to receive sweet blessings whispered by wetted lips
Tongue travelling the emergency driven electric river of the goddess undammed
Melding intentions attentions,
Deliverance to a higher plane,
Moment by moment,
Ecstasy has my being,
An unstoppable radio-active blast ripples out to ethers edge.
Organismic, organic quietude….
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