BOOTLEG GIVEAWAY: Contest to benefit CCFA - LAST CALL! Drawing on 4/9 around 8pm EST

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I'd like to preface by saying something that many of you have said MANY times before - being a part of this community is really like an extended family. I've met, traded with and become friends with many great people on here, going back to the old message pit.

I had some really kind words passed my way by someone on here a few days ago, and it made me think of some way I could give back, no matter how small. So I came up with a bootleg giveaway idea that will benefit the CCFA - one of the great foundations that Pearl Jam is associated with.

So it's pretty simple - a $1 donation gets your name in the bootleg raffle. I will run this until the end of the month (or until we have at least 20 donators) and at the end I will put all names in a hat and select (10) bootleg copies to give away. A full list of bootlegs that I own is below. The winners will be able to choose from ANY of the bootlegs listed below.

On top of that, I will match the total donation. So if we raise $20, I will donate $40 total to the CCFA, raise $50 I will donate $100 total and so on...

If you're interested or have questions, please send me a PM and I will give you details. All donations must be sent via PayPal as a gift so the full amount can be donated to the CCFA. Once donated, I will keep a running tally below. As of right now, limit one $1 donation per person (pending minimal interest, but hopefully not the case).

*Also, if you donate and your name is NOT chosen but want a copy of one of the bootlegs below, I'd be more than happy to make a copy for you. You could just ship blank CDs to me (I will confirm how many it will take, depending on which bootleg requested) with a pre-paid return envelope.

**Also, in regards to non-US winners, depending on the shipping cost (which I know International shipping costs went up exponentially recently through the USPS), I might ask to split the shipping cost. But I'll determine all of that when the time comes.


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    Ok, so we have (9) donators so far, thanks to all who have donated! I decided that I will wait until we get at least (20) different donators before I draw names for the bootleg contest. So I will extend it until that happens.

    Thanks again to everyone and spread the word!!
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    Need at least 8 more!
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    Bump...come on people only $1 to win a bootleg, money goes to charity please read Op 1st post on this thread. We only need at least 8 more people :(|)
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    BUMP - c'mon people, we still need 8 more before I can draw winners
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    So, I'll give this until Wednesday 4/9 regardless of how many people we have entered.
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    Bump come and help CCFA out, only $1 to win your choice of one of 42 boots.
    Message Brane_of_JFK to get details, do a good thing for your weekend :o3
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    Ok, up to 17 and waiting for a couple as well.
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    Lets see if we can get at least 20 people by Wednesday, that's a 1 in 2 chance of winning :o3
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    18 down, 2 to go!
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    19 down, 1 to go!!!
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    PM sent.

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    Ok, so we finally have 20 donators, thank you all! We have raised $123 ($246 total) to be donated to the CCFA.

    ***If you haven't donated yet but want to be included in the drawing, the cutoff will be tomorrow 4/9 at 8pm EST.

    I will be drawing the (10) winners between 8-9pm EST tomorrow. I will PM the winners as they are drawn. And again, if your name is not chosen but you'd still like one of the bootlegs listed, just send me a PM and I'd be happy to make sure you get one or more.

    Once again, thank you guys so much! I didn't have HUGE expectations when I started this, but I'm pretty satisfied with the results thus far.
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    Hip Hip Hooray for Brane of JFK =D> Well done, you have done an awesome job :)

    Come on people............its your last chance, you have until tomorrow, if you want to take part do it NOW, Thank you :(|)
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    BUMP.............Today is the day :o3
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    Drawing names now!

    Winners will be notified via PM.
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