[SOLD] FS: Munk One 2014 Sydney EV Poster AP S/N

mcrieckenmcriecken IndianaPosts: 257
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I'm looking to sell my Munk One 2014 Sydney EV Poster AP S/N. I recently acquired a Pitt poster that I'm going to get framed instead of this one, and since I have limited room for posters I wanted to offer this to anyone who might have missed out or is interested. I paid $72 with shipping, so I can let it go for $80 shipped. Let me know if you're interested!

EV Munk One Poster 2014

St. Louis, USA 10-05-2004

Chicago, USA 08-23-2009

Indianapolis, USA 05-07-2010

Hartford, USA 10-25-2013

Lexington, USA 04-26-2016

Chicago, USA 08-20-2016

Chicago, USA 08-22-2016
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  • jlaustinjlaustin Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 2,352
    Great deal! Very cool of you. Someone will be very happy!
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  • willbarclaywillbarclay Ottawa, Canada Posts: 2,657
    I love mine
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