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I ran into a friend of mine today,I haven't seen in some time.
He asked me if I was still singing,I said,I haven't since you seen me last.
It's been on the back burner. He said,"I thought of you when I was in Hawaii"
I said,"Oh,Yah!?? He said,I spent a week with Eddie Vedder.My mouth dropped!
No Shit?? How'd that come about? He said he and his family were over there,and it just so happened that Eddie and his family were staying at the same Hotel.His house was being remodeled.And my friend Chris,proceeded to say that his Niece's played with Eddie's girls.Chris said Eddie is the Coolest Fucker there is.I had a visual going on,the whole story.He said,"He called me Chris the whole week!" I don't know who was more excited,Him or I. "Me, to hear it,Or, him too tell it." He also went on to say that his sister bought a Ukulele for her son who was around 8yrs.old,And Chris told him to ask Eddie to sign his Ukulele,So he did,And Ed,told his entourage to wait a minute,Then proceeded to tell the little boy,"Now don't you go selling this on Ebay!"I want to get the word to Eddie that it is a family heirloom.He also mentioned that Eddie had his note pad and Black Book (Holy Grail) with him.I told Chris about my encounter with Eddie at the Oracle back in November.(The girl in the Purple Tie-Dye Shirt!) One day I hope I have the honor of meeting him myself.I totally made my day to hear such a story. Chris Berringer say's Hi!


  • AnnafalkAnnafalk SwedenPosts: 3,916
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    Thank's for sharing :) very cool !
  • TalonTeddTalonTedd TorontoPosts: 804
    What a great story. EV is a role model and a great talent of our time. Your friends must be on cloud nine!
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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