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"Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia" Campaign

farryfarry Jakarta, IndonesiaPosts: 31
Dear Pearl Jam,

We the Indonesian Pearl Jam fans has been waiting for Pearl Jam to come and play Indonesia. Since 2005 we have been launching a campaign to "Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia." We send postcards to Pearl Jam HQ, We are helping selling the CD "Lightning Bolt" for Philippines charity benefits, we launched online and offline petition, culminating in the event "FAITHFULL - Pearl Jam Nite VIII : Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia" held in Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia on Jan 18th, 2014. Signatures collected will be brought to Big Day Out in hope to be handed directly to Pearl Jam.

Some of our friends the Indonesian Pearl jam fans are going to Big Day Out 2014 Melbourne & Sydney. We are getting support from many parties, but nothing is confirmed yet for now for now and we are crossing fingers to get to meet Pearl Jam the band and/or the management to convey the petition to "Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia."


- Petisi Offline: FAITHFULL-PJN8 (142 supporter) + before (294 supporter):
- (started 2005 / 1,149 supporters):
- (started 2009 / 3,783 supporters):
- Facebook Page (start 2013 / 869 supporters):

"FAITHFULL - Pearl Jam Nite VIII : Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia"


Photo album:

Video Playlist:

The Press Release:

January 5, 2014,

“FAITHFULL - Pearl Jam Nite VIII : Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia” Press Release (English)

PEARL JAM is one of great rock band & last band standing from early 90's Grunge Seattle music scene. They have been around for 23 years, considered as cult band with loyal fans which called themselves ‘Jamily.’

PEARL JAM INDONESIA (PJ.ID; Facebook Group: is a PEARL JAM fans community based in Indonesia. Started in early 2000s with meetings and gatherings, blogs and mailing list, bringing together PEARL JAM fans in Indonesia, then evolved into PEARL JAM tribute events (“Pearl Jam Nite”, “Acoustology”, etc.) and then now venturing into social media: Facebook and Twitter with the one thing as glue that stick us together: excessive (but pleasant) love for PEARL JAM.

Several times PJ.ID launched campaigns and voicing our aspirations for PEARL JAM to play in Indonesia and has not produced any result. We then started collecting signatures for petition with sole purpose of PEARL JAM having a show in Indonesia.

Besides physical signatures; utilising the power of the internet; we started simple online petition on 2005 ( up to present day using social media as tool for campaign; with ( and Facebook Page ( The name of the campaign in general is “Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia.”

In September 2011 we managed to organize “PJ20 Worldwide Screening” event which puts Indonesia on the map of PEARL JAM Management. Now we continue the campaign with several activities:

We still collect physical signatures of Indonesia’s PEARL JAM fans as petition to bring them to play in Indonesia. We also still maintain online petition mentioned above.
As a community we help the sales of Pearl Jam new album CD “Lightning Bolt,” with 100% profit goes for charity for The Philippines. We hope that this helps make PEARL JAM the band and management takes notice about Indonesia in particular, and Asia in general.
We produced postcards with graphics from previous “Save The endangered Species” campaign in conjunction with tribute show event “Pearl Jam Nite V: Do The GreenVolution.” The postcards are then distributed, written messages regarding PEARL JAM playing Indonesia, then sent to PEARL JAM Headquarter.

All these activities; supported by Blackrock Entertainment, Rolling Stone Indonesia and Rolling Stone Cafe; will be summarized in the upcoming campaign/tribute show:

“FAITHFULL - Pearl Jam Nite VIII : Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia” which will be held in Rolling Stone Cafe, Jl. Ampera Raya 16, Jakarta 12560 on Saturday, January 18, 2014 starting at 7:00 PM.

In the event we will highlight all the campaign activities above and also keeping in tradition of “Pearl Jam Nite” tribute show, there will be 5 bands performing: Perfect Ten, Sonic Wood, The Mind Charger, Blackrock and Bandung Lost Dogs; and also a mini bazaar of CDs, Vinyl, T-shirts, merchandise and collectibles trading.

Pre-Event will be held at Rolling Stone Cafe (2nd Floor,) Jl. Ampera Raya 16, Jakarta 12560 on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 starting at 7:00 PM.

Signatures collected on this event; accumulated with the previous ones; as “Bring Pearl Jam To Indonesia” petition; will be submitted to PEARL JAM the band or management as they tour in Big Day Out 2014 Festival in some cities in Australia late January 2014.

Sincerely yours,

Farry Aprianto
Pearl Jam Indonesia
Farry Aprianto
Jakarta, Indonesia
BDO 2014 Melbourne + Sydney

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