Fan made PJ Setlist - single story

Ok so I wasn't sure where to post this, but I have put together a setlist for a fictional PJ concert.
Only rather than just list my favourite songs, I've tried to make the concert follow a single story. Songs therefore have been chosen to help follow the story.
The setlist and relevant lyrics etc... can be found here love to hear peoples thoughts on the story - does it make sense, setlist etc...
Love to all!


  • Treyert14Treyert14 LouisianaPosts: 924
    Pretty sweet idea dude.
  • karmadefectkarmadefect Posts: 806
    Hey I've tried to do sets like that as well.
    Good idea, let see what you came up with.
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  • AndreiaAMAndreiaAM LisbonPosts: 1
    Hello! What a wonderful idea! I would love to be in a concert with such set list. Congratulations for your criativity. :) I miss them so much. They haven't come to Portugal since 2010... I saw Eddie in 2012, in Zambujeira do Mar... but I miss the band...
    Andreia Azevedo Moreira, Portugal
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