Run For PJ - How much difference does it make?

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How much difference does it make? Probably not much, maybe not at all, but one can only hope. At least 5 PJ fans in Indonesia have so far run over 150km as part of an ongoing campaign to bring the band over to our country after they wrap up their upcoming headlining stint in Australia.

The last time PJ set foot in the Australasian region was nearly twenty years ago during the Vitalogy tour, with Mudhoney as the supporting act. During that time the band played Manila, Taipei and the closest they got to Indonesia was Singapore (and those who had the good fortune to have actually caught that show are revered as “the chosen few” among PJ’s Indonesia fan base).

So now, given that they’ll be just a 7 hour flight away from Jakarta, Indonesia; given that there is interest among local concert promoters; and given that there is a sizable “Jamily” in Indonesia willing to pay handsomely for the opportunity to see PJ (because just like you guys in the Western world, we too also have families, mortgages and steady income) – the campaign to #BringPearlJamtoIndonesia has been cranked up with an online petition, post card sending campaign, ongoing talks with local promoters, etc.


Under the category of “etcetera” is the modest #RunForPJ movement which was started by a fan in the West Java city of Bandung who on one fine Sunday morning had the audacity to run a half marathon (that’s 21 kilometers) wearing a “Bring Pearl Jam to Indonesia” t-shirt.

Another avid running PJ fan in Jakarta got wind of this and invited the fan in Bandung to do a repeat performance, the following Sunday. The two guys spread the word on the PJID Facebook fan page – the social media home to over 4,500 Indonesian Jammers – inviting other amateur running PJ fans to hit the road in honor of PJ. The more seasoned runners were encouraged to aim for half-marathon distance, but anybody willing to run whatever distance was welcome to join the movement.





Understandably, the response was not overwhelming, but surprisingly decent for a single Sunday morning since all participants managed to run a combined 100K plus plus. Some ran wearing PJ tshirts, some ran listening to PJ, some just loved the idea and decided to “donate” their kilometers. One fan in Jakarta has run nearly 60K over the course of two consecutive Sundays, and aims to do another 35K this coming Sunday (January 19).

“What’s the point?” you ask. In our view, we just want to get the message across to the PJ camp that “look, some of these crazy Indonesians are willing to hit the pavement hard and literally sweat their butts off just for the singular opportunity to see the band play in their backyard…” Now is that too much to ask for? Time is running short to set up a show in Indonesia, but we remain faithful. We all believe.
Farry Aprianto
Jakarta, Indonesia
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    All the credit in the world to these guys/gals! We were just in WDW for the marathon and 26 mi is a LONG way to run for anything so these people are beyond belief. Come on PJ play Indonesia!! : )
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    Bump for a cool story!! Hope you get to see the band again......just don't mess with their US Midwest Tour in April/May!! ;)
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