Lost username, can I have it back please?

With the forum overhaul I lost my username. I couldn't log in with my username. When I chose the Other option for username that became my new username by default. Is there any way I can get my old username (Popmartijn) back please?


  • Is anyone listening in here?
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 136,510

    Is anyone listening in here?

    better email 10c...im sorry this happened to u..
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  • mikalinamikalina Posts: 7,206
    It happened to me as well. I was Mikalina and now I'm Mikalinarose. I'm now regarded as NEW !!!!! I've been on here since 2008.... I don't understand this.

    I have emailed 10c and they said it has been "merged" but I don't see it merged.
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  • I see that I got my username back. And it also looks like my posts with my temporary name have been merged with my account.
    Thanks 10C! :)
  • mikalinamikalina Posts: 7,206
    Help, please merge my account too !!! I did clear out the cookies/cache as you mentioned but still its not merged...

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