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I've made the decision to make a move on a Benny. Unloading some stuff that I don't "have" to have. Will be putting some more up, but here's a couple I have right now.

1) PJ20 Ames Mookie poster S/N - $145 SHIPPED
I'm selling well below the average price because this is NOT in pristine mint condition. It has a faint ink transfer on the left margin in the white, looks like type. It's how I bought it, I think they had something sitting on the poster. Still figuring out pics on the new forum, but I will email you pics for sure. Should mostly frame out fairly easily. Top right corner is creased, would frame out no problem. Poster is otherwise pristine, colors pop. One of only 200 signed and numbered sold at PJ20. Doesn't come up that often these days.

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