Highlight of Your Year 2013 Edition

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Everyone else gets to say what their BEST of was...

So why not us...

I have a tie
Both were PJ related.. Road trips with my boys on Leg 2 and an incredible fellow board member who allowed me to tag along on his dream come true :mrgreen:

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  • Who PrincessWho Princess out here in the fieldsPosts: 7,280
    Above and away was celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary with my prince. :D

    Also pretty cool was starting my great new job 2 months after being laid off.
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  • RKCNDYRKCNDY Seattle, WAPosts: 31,013
    * buying a house where I finally feel 'at home', it needs work, but at least I will get to make it 'mine'.

    * having an awesome friend that enabled me to finally 'geek out' on my favorite bands, there were so many awesome things he helped me accomplish. Thanks!
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  • TbowTbow Posts: 57
    Seeing Pearl Jam finally for the first time with my Younger brother and blowing his mind. Besides that I could rant on how bad this year has been for me and my fiancé WORST YEAR OF OUR LIVES.... But got to stay positive! :D
  • Leezestarr313Leezestarr313 Temple of the catPosts: 14,106
    This was an awesome year. The first year that I lived entirely in the States. The year I got my first car! My first year of being married to my wonderful husband :D

    If I had to name a hightlight, I would say it was the trip to Seattle to see PJ. Much too short, but magical :mrgreen:

    Meeting all these awesome friends, old and new, made this a fantastic time!
  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin LouisPosts: 17,145
    i really enjoyed the wrigley weekend, the shows i saw in phoenix, and san diego, and my band played our tenth anniversary show a couple of weekends ago. those are my highlights of 2013 to date.
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 32,912
    Highlight for me was my wife & I getting settled into Portland, getting new jobs, moving to a sweet place & preparing for the future. :shock: :D

    Second would be the PJ trek in the NW with some of my best friends....Adam, Mike, Jason, Robley, Dan, Brian....and getting to see so many other friends along the way. One week ago today, we were gearing up to see the Seattle show. It went by too quickly.

    I'm a lucky/blessed guy & I'm looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store!

    Cheers, everyone!

  • guitar59guitar59 Posts: 1,221
    No one thing stands out. We enjoyed a great 3 weeks in the Pacific NW. Loved the week we spent in Seattle. Saw 3 great PJ shows and enjoyed some days away from the kids with Mr. Guitar. All my kids are healthy. I am working full time in a classroom again and get to spend my days with 50 great kids. 2013 is winding down on a positive note.
  • Aero83_Aero83_ Posts: 933
    Probably hanging out on a Fijian beach and catching Unthought Known on random
    The waves did arrive
    But not the ones I really wanted
    Maybe Europe...muh
    ...10/31/09, 05/21/10, Peru, Los Angeles
  • JonnyPistachioJonnyPistachio FloridaPosts: 10,195
    It should've been a great year... I released my first novel and my band just finalized our first album... But this year sucked overall. I am really looking forward to 2014 and putting this one behind me.
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  • toss up between going to my first WWE event in September, getting a promotion in hours at work, or Leafs finally making the playoffs.
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  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 33,040
    going to Wrigley Field over the summer to see PJ. Met tons of people, saw a kickass show and saw a pretty cool city :thumbup:
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    Eddie Vedder- 6/25/11- Philly
  • SpagsSpags Leigh-on-Sea, UKPosts: 2,824
    Apart from a week away in stunning Santorini, this year has been a complete grind trying to keep the business going in the face of overbearing odds. Also lost my Step Dad to a sudden heart attack which made this one of the worst years ever.

    But it's ended much better with PJ album, Euro Tour announcement and, best of all, I'm typing this from our new house (upgraded from a downstairs flat so no more noisy neighbour problems and I can make more noise with my guitar at long last) - the Sky man is setting us up now so I'll be able to catch up on Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire. Breaking Bad has also been excellent this year. I'm hoping 2014 has more highlights than lows.
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  • bluegracebluegrace Posts: 2,341
    My poetry being published finally. That was cool. Other than that it's been quite a sh***y year, with a dear friend dying.
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  • afroannnieafroannnie Posts: 12,995
    2013 definitely rocked!!

    My sweetie & I moved in together...becoming the kitty brady bunch family :D

    We got to go to Wrigley together...then we got ENGAGED!! Then we got to follow Pearl Jam on the east coast and stay in the Walking Dead suite at the Flanagan household...

    but of course the highlight of this year was our trip to Seattle...getting married the day of the show to the love of my life, getting a special shout out from Eddie, and getting to hang out with so many of our good friends...old & new. :mrgreen::mrgreen:
    Show #13 was a lucky one for me....
  • Who PrincessWho Princess out here in the fieldsPosts: 7,280
    Above and away was celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary with my prince. :D

    Also pretty cool was starting my great new job 2 months after being laid off.
    BD, thank you for starting this thread. It made me look back more closely on a year that had mostly seemed crappy--stressful events and ultimately losing a job that I'd really loved. Now I've had a reason to remember some good things:
      Of course, seeing PJ in Dallas last month. Seeing The Who play Quad in Anaheim and Denver--their best tour in YEARS. Visiting Vasquez Rocks in January, a place I'd wanted to see since I was a kid. :mrgreen:

    If I did Christmas cards, this shoulda been the cover: :lol:

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  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin LouisPosts: 17,145
    i forgot about getting to go to games 3 and 4 of the world series this year. game 3 was awesome, but game 4 sucked....

    overall that was a cool experience, even though my team got embarrassed by the sox...again... :fp:
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  • Changing jobs and all that came along with that…better work environment, shorter commute, more positive co-workers, much better schedule and pay that enabled me to do all the rest:

    Wrigley weekend…meeting so many "new" friends…but many of whom I felt like I've known forever…cool city

    The fall tour. Had the time of my life. The shows were incredible…got some of my PJ therapy in…getting to meet Eddie twice :shock: …hearing so many of the songs I had hoped for…and meeting even more people…all good things must come to and end but I wish that could go on forever


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  • Hosting & entertaining for their Birthday's, Mike(Speedy), MaryBeth(Quarter to Ten), & Milton over my house in NYC for the 2nd show in Brooklyn. In 30 hrs we toured Battery Park, the Trade Center museum & the PJ show in Brooklyn Saturday. Sunday watched football & had the best prosciutto heroes in Queens. Had a blast closing out the house & thanks Milton for the miniature mailbox :lol: , I mean cigarette holder ;) .
    So, What you Giving ?........ (Thanks Speedy, Alesek, & Arq+friends)
    What You Giving

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  • nothinasitseemsnothinasitseems New JerseyPosts: 1,493
    2013 has been a very up and down year for me, but...personally: meeting my boyfriend, and "discovering" Pearl Jam (meaning I now know every song and not just Last Kiss, Alive, and Jeremy. :lol:)

    But in terms of awesome things I did: seeing Pearl Jam 4 times on my first tour, and traveling alone to 3 of those 4 shows. Amazing experience I wouldn't trade for anything. Also seeing a bunch of other concerts (including meeting Florida Georgia Line), attending Wrestlemania and meeting my favorite WWE wrestler, being at Mariano Rivera's last ever game...spent a ton of money this year. :lol:
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  • FrankieGFrankieG Abingdon MDPosts: 9,090
    Not in order but my highlightS:

    5 PJ shows in 10 days
    Officially moved out of my parents place and got my own apartment
    Graduated College with an Engineering degree
    Got a great job in my field right out of college
    Countless other concerts
    Met Brian Fallon

    Negative highlight:
    Energency abdomenal surgery :x
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  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYCPosts: 24,896
    Finally moving in with my gf after years of being long distance. And to clarify, yes, that's a highlight :lol:
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  • PureandEasyPureandEasy Posts: 5,464
    Enjoying one last Christmas with my mother. She's been slowly going downhill and we all hoped she would make it through the holidays. She opened her gifts from bed but seemed to be aware of what was going on and enjoying herself. It was sweet.

    Now if she can make it to her 83rd birthday on January 25th, that would just be icing on the cake!!

    and my Philly PJ shows kicked ass but my mom thing has to be number one!
  • Jason PJason P Posts: 18,747
    Scored four touchdowns and led Polk High to a victory over Andrew Johnson High in the city championship game.
  • BinauralJamBinauralJam Posts: 14,158
    i enjoyed the Drugs
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