The Concerned About Ed's Drinking Game

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Okay here we go:

1) every time someone complains about ed's drinking, take a drink
2) every time someone posts about ed's smoking .....take a drink
3) every time someone speculates about a crew member quitting or getting fired .....take a drink
4) every time someone complains about kids being used as "tambourine bait".....take a drink
5) every time someone is outraged by ed's political opinions ....take a drink
2005-9-12 London, ON
2006-5-09 Toronto
2007-8-03 (ed w/ ben harper) chicago / 2007-8-05 chicago
2008-8-12 (ed solo) toronto
2009-10-08 (ed solo) Albany
2011-9-11 Toronto / 2011-9-12 Toronto
2013-7-16 London, ON / 2013-7-19 Chicago / 2013-10-12 Buffalo
2016-5-11 Toronto, On / 2016-5-13 Toronto, On
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