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I was 11 years old in grade 6. I was in Mrs. Wilkerson's music class. We had just listened to Cat's In The Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe. I was bored. The lights were dim and desks were grouped in 4's. The cassette player emitted a soothing hiss. Then I heard this bass line. Something I had never heard before. Jeremy. That's where it started.

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    I would always hear Jeremy and Alive on the radio but I feel in love when I first saw the cover to Vitalogy. I was very young but the simple artwork intrigued me. The record store owner came over to me and my dad and told us that the LP came out and the CD still would not be out for a while, which was very odd for mid 90s. It is still my favorite record to this day.
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    I'm 31 now and have been a fan for well over half my life.
    I'm 43 now and have been a fan for over half my life.

    Holy shit am I old.
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    I was to young for me to remember my first time :D but rumor has it that I wouldn't go back to sleep in the morning unless someone would put "Poe jam" on the stereo.
  • First time I heard PJ was when my friend and his brother were playing Black, then they showed me the Unplugged video. I've been hooked since then. That was the summer of 94, great times.
  • It was 1991 (I think), I was at band practice and my buddy showed us this cassette of a demo. I remember it had "I've Got a Feeling" on it. I was and am a Beatles nut so I thought it was cool they covered a Beatles song. I thought Alive was cool too. That was my first time
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    JTH wrote:
    I'm 31 now and have been a fan for well over half my life.
    I'm 43 now and have been a fan for over half my life.

    Holy shit am I old.

    I'm 23, been a fan since I was 12... almost halfway there. :shock:
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    I saw the music video for Jeremy on MTV. (That's probably the most 90s statement I've ever made.)
    According to Wikipedia that video came out in 92, so I was about 7. I loved that song so much, EV's voice and that guitar chord at the end were mesmerizing to my tiny little brain.
    I got a stereo for either my 9th or 10th birthday and I used to have the radio on for hours leaping over to the stereo to push the record button on the tape deck. Those cassettes were full of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, etc. (ok maybe that one wins the 'most 90s statement award :lol: )
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    1/2/92, opening for Nirvana/Chili Peppers, we'd heard of the the band but hadn't heard their music. Purchased "10" the very next day (they also played "Leash" that night, well before Vs. was released).

    Also: I'm old.
  • Gold 26Gold 26 Posts: 676
    For me it was quite accidental. In 1993 I had a £10 voucher for the record store HMV which I'd gotten for my 15th birthday and I went into town to spend it on "The Spaghetti Incident?" By Guns N' Roses but without thinking I paid cash for that and then had this voucher that I wanted to spend so I just randomly picked Ten up from the 'Rock' section though I'd never heard of them and got that as well. I remember listening to Jeremy & Black in my back room in the dark over and over and I was hooked.

    And the Spaghetti Incident was fucking terrible.
    All my favourite singers have stolen all of my best lines.
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    I don't quite remember the first time I heard them, but Jeremy was my initiation as well. I do remember receiving Ten for Christmas, my first ever CD, thanks Mom! Then of course I remember the first time seeing them in concert. They opened that show with Interstellar Overdrive into Corduroy, which they reprised this past week when I traveled for my first time seeing them in Seattle. It certainly put a big grin on my face.
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    I actually don't. I remember life before Pearl Jam, and then the next thing I remember was listening to Vitalogy repeatedly. No idea what lead to that, but grateful to be a fan either way!
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    It was 1992 and I was 12 years old. I kind of liked Guns N Roses. An older kid at school who was into lots of cool bands seemed to like me and my mate. One day off of his own back he gave us a mix tape. On that mix tape were Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Tad, The Melvins, Jesus & the Mary Chain, Manic Street Preachers and (you've guessed it....) Pearl Jam. I think he put Alive and Even Flow on the tape.

    I loved all the bands but I was BLOWN AWAY by Pearl Jam. I got my Dad to take me into town later that week and I bought Ten (on tape!) and a life long commitment/relationship/obsession began!

    Girlfriends and friends have come and gone, but Pearl Jam remains. I've been married for around 2 years and my wife still doesn't get it! :lol:
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    duska3419 wrote:
    I saw the music video for Jeremy on MTV. (That's probably the most 90s statement I've ever made.)
    Yep. It was 1992 (February?). I was a junior in college and I distinctly remember sitting on the couch and watching MTV (like, actually watching it) with my roommate Joe and his friend Dave when the Alive video came on. I must have looked impressed because Dave said to me something along the lines of, "You liked that song? I work at the IU library and I can grab you a copy of the album." I said that it would be great if he could do that but didn't really think he'd follow through.
    Faithful_1 wrote:
    I got my Dad to take me into town later that week and I bought Ten (on tape!)
    So a day or two later, Dave walks into our living room and tosses something to me. It was the copy of Ten (on tape)!

    To this day, I have never purchased a copy of that album (original version) because my girlfriend bought the CD and she's my wife now, so our collections have merged.

    I have bought the reissued vinyl/box set, though.
  • actonplpactonplp MainePosts: 173
    In 1991, I was getting so sick of radio stations recycling the same old 80’s music, but there didn’t seem to be any new music worth listening to. I got a promotion into a different department at work & the guys there were always playing Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, etc. Honestly, I didn’t like any of that music at the time, especially Pearl Jam!

    I was shocked when a few months later I heard Even Flow on the radio for the 1st time & found myself cranking up the volume and rocking out with the song. I still don’t understand my sudden nose dive into Pearl Jam’s music, but I bought a copy of Ten that same day and the rest is history.
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