Canadian/Ontario Poster Framing Suggestions

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I'm looking for advice re: where people in the Greater Toronto area choose to have their posters custom framed. I've read through the extensive 'framed poster' thread and noticed that many people go to Michaels when there are 50 - 60% off promotions in effect.

Have any Canadians tried ordering through and then assembled the frame and mounted the poster themselves? The savings going to be had using Americanframe seem quite attractive. Can the average person properly assemble a frame and mount a poster properly? ....I do respect the fact that repetition and training breeds skill.

Please reply with your experiences below or shoot me a pm, please and thank you. Have a nice day and week.

- Brian
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  • Hello,

    It depends how much $$ you want to spend. We just framed our Buffalo poster today using a do-it-yourself kit from Michaels. It was dead simple to do and cost $70 with tax. I've taken other posters to a place in Etobicoke and they charged $150. Point is the do-it-yourself framing is easy to do with or without experience, but custom frames are nicer.
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    Hi JH,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with me. A Michaels rep. that sounded like he knew what he was talking about, 'suggested I could get a frame off the wall, but that I wouldn't be able to find a mat to fit the 18 in by 24 poster. I, too, am looking to frame the Buffalo poster from a couple weeks ago.

    Could you share the name of your custom framer in Etobicoke, please? Were you able to find a mat or mats for your Buffalo D.I.Y job?
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