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Hey all,

Been a few years since I've been around these parts, but I return with a few things I'm trying to pass on to another fan. I'm getting out of the collector game and passing on all the prints I'm not interested in holding onto...my boredom is your gain! If anyone has concerns about dealing with me feel free to check out my feedback here.

All my prints have been stored flat in acid free Mylar and are in minty fresh condition. All prices include shipping (unless you're overseas in which case please contact me for a shipping quote.

Pearl Jam - Virginia Beach 2008 - Klausen (A/P edition) - $65

Eddie Vedder - Solo Tour 2008 - Klausen/Clinch/Vedder (A/P edition) - SOLD

Pearl Jam - New Orleans 2010 - Klausen (A/P edition) - $70

Eddie Vedder - Long Beach 2011 - Sperry (artist edition) - $140

I also have some vinyl I'm parting with (thinning this herd out, too). Shipping $9 for continental US.

(pictures available upon request)

Pearl Jam - Yield - this one is a little worn on the cover, but the vinyl itself is in very good shape. - $75

I also have Vs./Vitalogy/Backspacer for sale if anyone is interested those - $15 each for the first 2 and $20 for Backspacer. If you live in northern Virginia I can even deliver!

Buy more than one and I'll give you a deal on shipping.
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