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Fully awakened
An evening with He
Slumber by his side does not come easily
Although I… and I do
Sweet awakenings through my narrow measure
Surely this is not something I… imagined
Into being
This climaxing swell has been the history of all the ages
Too long forgotten by… I & I
I remember
His member
Full thick, beautiful mouth-watering in corpus-delicti
Undeniable masculine counter
Didn’t know I & I had it in me until…
I & I… had him in me
Gratitude, grace
I & I… am amazed
I & I… am grounded
Taking him in
To balance, the feeling, still, sublime
Isn’t knocking me
Off my feet
Thank goddess for allowing me possession of myself… I &I
Being dispossessed for so long
I feel, I feel… I & I am
Shared not sheared
No ghastly gnashing of teeth
Gentle pulsing sweet arousal, lifting me to unfamiliar heights, untethered
Graduated,softened by lovely, lovely union
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    I really enjoyed this Lovemaking poem.... very romantic.
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