Parachutes Chords/Tab ??

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Anyone ever tackled this one? The tabs ive found on given to wail dont seem to be too accurate. For starters live videos suggest stone is playing the main G major chord somewhere higher up the neck.
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    I learned Parachutes using Given to Wail. It is sloppy, and most of it was learned by ear. I'll work on a tab and get back to you.
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    i haven't found a good tab for it either. i haven't looked in a year or so, but since that song is on the rare side, i do not expect to find a good one unless someone on here tabs it out.
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  • DewieCoxDewieCox Posts: 10,043 ... ar_pro.htm

    This one seems ok. If you don't have Guitar Pro, tuxguitar is a pretty good free alternative. There used to be a way to view a text version, but I'm not seeing it anywhere there.
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