"On line" or "In Line"

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I'm from Boston and always thought of it as "waiting in line" for something. Like concert tix or some sort of pre-sale.

I listen to Opie and Anthony a bit and have read in magazines that people who have "waited on line". Is this just a NY thing? It just seems weird waiting "on line". I thought it meant the internet, like "online" but they actually mean waiting in line, like a deli or a bakery.

Anyone care to put this in perspective?
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    Most likely it is a regional expression as you guessed.

    I have noticed small differences of speech around the country. My mother-in-law was raised in Brooklyn, NY and she had phrases of speech that rang oddly to me like that. She'd say "We stood on line" or "Close the lights" rather than "We waited in line" or "Turn off the lights."
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