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I'm want to attend the show in Madrid on Sept. 7th, as I'll be in Spain during that time (i'm from the states). I went to the public site posted but it's in Spanish. My Spanish is ok at best, but am worried I won't understand a small detail when I order the tickets. Is there a way to translate the page to English, or is there an English site to get them? If not, this may be a lot to ask, but could someone maybe walk me through the process via IM or something? Any help would be much appreciated. Here's the link to the site: ... servicaixa

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    Learn another language? Guess? use babelfish?

    I know I'm not very helpful but it's not like you're trying in greek or russian. The languages (spanish and English) are close enough that if you make a little effort, you can manage.
    Only sites I found with english don't seem to have the Pearl Jam tickets.

    actually by googling it I just found that: ... U=P012CC02
    on the same site.

    good luck
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    that city scares me cause of those terrorist groups. they should went to barcelona for 2 nights. stay safe in madrid i dont trust that city
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    that city scares me cause of those terrorist groups. they should went to barcelona for 2 nights. stay safe in madrid i dont trust that city

    Terrorist groups in Madrid? What do you mean??? Where are you from?
    Don´t think it isn´t a safe city.
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    i'll check out the site for you, madrid is safe and beautiful. yeah, there is a terrorist group from the basque country called eta and they like to blow up cars and assasinate political figures, but spaniards are nowhere near as gun crazed as americans. i don't recommend those translation programs because they are too literal and you'll never get any idiomatic expressions right.
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    Alpitt, try to buy your tickets. Gamerco is the promotor of the show and they also sell tickets. Their ticket selling system is in english too, very easy.

    Also BUY THEM NOW causethe show is about to sell out. In Servicaixa there is only one sector avaliable and those are maybe the worst seats in the venue.

    If you buy in Gamerco I think that you can still buy floor tickets (GA).

    pearljamdude420 you have no idea what are you talking about, read some newspapers man.
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