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LEG 1 - Need a ticket/Have an extra ticket thread



  • ikiTikiT USAPosts: 9,918
    F/S an extra Worcester nite 2 single ticket (section 207, on the aisle, mike side) 96 dollaaahs.

    paypal and a ticketmaster transfer...
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  • Need 1 Philly 10/21/13
    Ga Ticket
  • MN27768MN27768 Posts: 49
    I have a Philly 2 GA available to trade for a Philly 1 GA or Brooklyn 1 GA. Please PM if interested.
  • bizbiz Posts: 37
    ISO of 1 ticket, Brooklyn night 2 (GA). Coming up from Philly. Please help!!
  • May Have an extra Brooklyn Night 1 (TM sec 227 Row 11) looking to TRADE for night #2 , will know by Tues/Weds if available me if you are interested in a trade thanks

    <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->
  • got philly II reserved 10c or brooklyn ii, 121 section.

    looking for one ticket for philly i. one for one trade
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  • I have a Wor 2GA for Hartford GA or 10c Res SPARE
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  • tuktuktuktuk Posts: 84
    I have one ticket available for buffalo section 111.
  • WhoopsWhoops Posts: 2
    Hi. Couldn't find a thread for LEG 2 so hope it's ok to post here. First time I've used a forum so please be kind. I have a ticket for Portland and one for Seattle that I can't use. They are ten club seating tickets. I am coming over from UK and unfortunately can't persuade my friends to pay airfare to come over with me so it is just little old me. I can't exchange tickets cause I'm only over in the USA for a short time. I only want face value price for them and want to make sure that they go to a fan rather than some dodgy ticket tout. Might be easier if we met when I pick them up and exchange tickets/ cash then so you know I'm not going steal your money. I've put my details on the spreadsheet but if anyone is interested best to email me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e --> cause as I said I'm not that great with forums. Cheers guys
  • Looking for an extra Philly 2 10c GA if anyone's got one - thanks!
  • Adi TAdi T New York CityPosts: 91
    i may have an extra BK night 2 resv - 10c. looking for 10c seats or GA at hartford or Baltimore...pls PM
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  • BS90546BS90546 TorontoPosts: 138
    Looking for 1 or 2 Buffalo 10c tickets. Please PM me!
  • Need 2 buffalo tix please
  • Looking for 1 GA ticket for Brooklyn 2.. Fan club member since 1994 and got shut out :(

    I will do ANYTHING. please call or text my cell 516)- 695 - 4389

  • InHiding19InHiding19 Posts: 2,367
    I need 3 for tonight decided to make the drive out from Albany last minute. Anyplace is fine. Thanks!
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  • Have two extra 10 club reserve for Charlotesville...just looking for face value of course. PM me if you are interested..
  • crazygeocrazygeo Posts: 2,371
    Looking for a Philly trade
    Have extra Philly Tuesday GA Pit.
    Want a Monday Philly night Pit or Great seat of 10 club
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  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,250
    looking, like everyone else, for a brooklyn 2.

    could trade a hartford reserved (145xxx) if you're interested.
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  • JMoJMo Posts: 1,071
    Need 1 GA Hartford.

    Have Portland 10c reserve pair (low number), I can trade. Or cash, of course!
  • crunchychris49crunchychris49 Maine, USPosts: 8
    I have for tix for sale for Tuesdays Worcester show. Im up in Maine. Message or email me - <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->
  • altalt Posts: 58
    Looking to trade a pair of non 10c seats for Brooklyn 1 for a pair to Hartford (either 10c or good seats)

  • looking for one philly I 10c (res or GA) and have one phill II (10c res) or brooklyn II (121 section) for trade
    44 shows and counting...
  • updated the doc. I have a ticket for Tomorrow's show in Worcester.
  • Ryan_WFCRyan_WFC Posts: 1,248
    Need a Brooklyn 1 ticket
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  • RVMMFCRVMMFC Posts: 309
    Still need a pair or 2 singles for Philly 1 (10/21)
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  • Need 1 extra for Baltimore! Coming from Pittsburgh, can offer a ride as well!
  • SCHSCH Easton CTPosts: 52
    have 3 Wor section 315, row c, 1-3. $75 each. for Tuesday 10/15
    will transfer via ticketmaster
  • Dead Man WalkingDead Man Walking Toronto-ishPosts: 2,746
    I've got a single ticket for Worcester 10/15 in Section 210 Row E 2nd seat in from the isle (stage side) looking for face or less. Just want to unload it. PM me. It's a great seat for someone looking to go last minute. Sight line is fantastic.
  • Looking for 1 GA ticket for Brooklyn 2.. Fan club member since 1994 and got shut out :(

    I will do anything.

  • brett15lightyearsbrett15lightyears Bear, DEPosts: 69
    Need 1 tix anywhere in building for both Brooklyn face please message me if can help my cousin just got back to the area hasn't seen PJ since 2000 ...thx PJ family
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