sweet boundary's swell

vogonpoetbythelakevogonpoetbythelake Posts: 1,952
swell Boundary's edge falling off,
raked, racked
humming birds dance eternal
in garden's nectar
protein's riot of bugs
deftly navigating the live and those that don't thrive
blanketing bliss, heaven does not miss this earth, it is born of it
lawns plugged in to the paths, cuckoo you grass
hearing Africa calling,
all out of time
displaced into the placid
melodic medic calls
12 steps to heaven is no stairway,
deeper it goes until
the tubular bells of Asia chime in
sadness dissipates
the child's song is ringing
the tobacco flies in the face of the unknown
to be communicated in communion
holy blessings confirmed
if not
the bed of another can sanctify
the dream for all living things revered
morgen has no wrath in it's design, sway and lay of the smooth landing
so here we are and there we will be,
eternally charmed
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  • justamjustam Posts: 21,304
    Your poems are like puzzles that need to be put together by the reader. :)
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