mermaid intrepity & bummer the body bag (the beginning)

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wobbly gurney a bit rusty and low but other than that and some blood stains
bummer the body bag & his friend mermaid intrepity stroll down the oceanside village
warm summer day
little kids roll on up on bicycles
bummer says get out of the way little broad as a 8 year old honks her pink sparkling horn mounted on her pink handlebars
mermaid intrepity pushing bummer along singing old sea tunes & nibbling on her seaweed & putting her glass red pipe to it
smoke now rolling purple & vibrating across bummer & bummer's beat up gurney he calls home
falling over each other a nearby pirate ship snagging the tradewinds gone for months has finally pulled into port with teas, opium, rare parrots, & jewels overflowing their wooden chest

look a mermaid
look a mermaid pushing a wobbly ass gurney & a body bad
you drunken bastard
that aint no mermaid that's your mother prostituting the boardwalk area puking on a table
the skull & cross bones flag lowered on its own as always

mermaid intrepity making a break for it as she has disgust for pirates of the nasty sort
bummer incoherently speaking to himself & nervously sweating a bit
although bummer the body bag has eaten many a pirate & only complains of their stink
& the captain's stupid drunk parrot & the pirate's peg leg gabbing into bummer's bag

i will marry the sea said mermaid interpity
i will take it on
i will slide home deep in the currents & undertow
down in the subsurface my king
bummer you will be there
i will find you a queen body bag down there who has her own gurney
her gurney will not wobble
her gurney no rusty
her gurney sharp & tight
bright & slick
like a sea stick of coral or lava rock as deep as the famous lost trench of Mia

bummer wanting this chainsaw he sees
mermaid interpity puts it in bummer
bummer rubbing the saw down as if loving it all pervertedly
bummer you make me laugh
you make me laugh
you make me laugh too mermaid interpity

those stupid pirates
they don't make me laugh
they're drunk & smell like decomposing sperm whales in the summer sun over on sub-human beach
you know the beach, bummer?
oh yes mermaid interpity
i remember having many pirates' bodies slid into me over there
it was awesome until some of them stunk & even fell apart in my tummy
that felt weird

speaking of eating let's go grab a bit of fish & chips
oh bummer i don't eat fish i smoke & eat sea weed
although i think some shrimp sounds deliteful or maybe some oysters
yes oysters it is mermaid intrepity
oysters it is
and your new chainsaw, bummer
yes mermaid intrepity this chain saw sure is tasty & has been violated throughly by my innerness
bummer you are so funny just like me

look out mermaid interpity a sidewinder is heading our way
quick turn the gurney
it may be a wobbly mess but this gurney rolls like a royce

no worries bummer the body bag
it is youtube internet sensation 'ridiculous the person' making another off the wall video
hey, ridiculous the person, got a link on the sidewinder's breeding skills?
not yet mermaid intrepity but when i do
i'll post it & send you a notice in an email
hello to you bummer
how's the death industry today?
fine, ridiculous the person
just fine

would you enjoy playing with my brand spanking new chainsaw i found & have been rubbing down the last hour?
im good bummer the body bag but thank you
when you get a park bench let me know
i need one for my next youtube video
sure thing, ridiculous the person
we'll get over to the park after the pirates get back out to sea
until then we're avoiding that part of town
i don't blame you, mermaid intrepity
i don't blame you one bit
those pirates are a stinky lot & constantly drunk & all empty
now where'd that sidewinder go?
i had my camera straight up his/her ass & now they're gone

oh my god bummer!
you have my sidewinder in you
which means my camera too is all up in you
tickle pickle tickle pickle
gimmie back my snake & camera
stop licking the snake
bummer, get my camera out of your lower bag
he is a dirty little body bag isn't he, ridiculous the person?
yes he is, mermaid intrepity

but i want things in me
i want you in me
gimmie gimmie elegance
you are dignified, ridiculous the person
i desire you sleep in here
the gurney & i need
the gurney & i need
as wobbly & blood stained as she may seem
she is a porshe of gurnies
mermaid intrepity knows as she pushes us around

oh my goodness look, mermaid intrepity & ridiculous the person
that is one beautiful dandelion all alone in grandma's yard
i want in her
i want in her

(part 1)... sunday, march 3, 2013
for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

"Hear me, my chiefs!
I am tired; my heart is
sick and sad. From where
the sun stands I will fight
no more forever."

Chief Joseph - Nez Perce
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