Kuhn PJ poster is AWESOME!

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I must say, this posters is AMAZING!
One of the FEW PJ posters that has foil in it! The pearl is AMAZING!
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    jonbond1779jonbond1779 London, UK Posts: 1,634
    U know ive never noticed the foil before - thought it looked quite ordinary, but up close (and i know the pics dont do it any justice) but it looks amazing. Bet nicely framed that would look the bo11ock$!
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    pjtaperpjtaper Posts: 3,020
    So, I'll try to keep this short. I found a poster shop near a Mexican place I like to eat at... They had a bunch of Lyndsay Kuhn posters for sale, I am not a fan of his work, but people on Expresso Beans are so I told them about the shop.
    I made a list of the posters, the quality of them and their prices. I picked up some of the posters people wanted for sure today, but the buyer backed out on the PJ poster...
    If anyone is interested in this poster let me know, PM, whatever. It cost $75 plus tax, would probably be $7 shipping insured with delivery conf...
    It is a badass poster, I just wasn't at this concert and I need to conserve my $$. Also, I can send you pictures of the poster, it does have some edge damage and a bent corner, but it will look perfect matted and framed. It is also signed and numbered, 15/269
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    KDH12KDH12 Posts: 2,096
    that poster is definitely worth half the price of the book that you spoke so highly about ;)
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