Where to stay in Chicago?

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any advice on what areas of the city to look in .....or perhaps more importantly, where to avoid? Im looking around on airbnb.com but without knowing the city all to well its kind of hard to narrow it down. I stayed in rosemont, il for lollapalooza 07 and would like to avoid it this time as the train ride was a bit of a pain.
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    loop, river north, mag mile, water tower
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    Im staying at the Congress Plaza, heard good things about the area, if you dont mind an out of date hotel
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    I'm staying in Wicker Park, about 20 mins from Wrigley.
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    lots of threads on here - just search chicago hotel - wrigley hotel - tons will come up.

    staying at hard rock - booked on priceline through an "express deal" for $143/night.
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  • if you are booking rental on airbnb, look at map, but neighborhoods....first one's that people mentioned, river north, loop, lincoln park....additionally old town, lakeview/wrigleyville are the closest areas to the park, followed by lincoln park...lincoln square probably wouldn't be too bad.

    Stay out of the South and west sides....the west loop is fine.

    Have to let us know what you get on airbnb, will be interesting
  • dont know how long you are planning on staying in Chicago but we stayed here where we went to lollapalooza last year:
    http://chicago.spsuites.com/vacation-re ... pt/gallery
    It was right around the corner from the train and only about 15 mins into the middle of the city. There were lots of really amazing restaurants around it and its on the trainline from O'Hare.

    It was really handy having the space in the apartment

    Anyway no doubt someone will say its too far away and no good but it was fine for me and my friends travelling from Ireland :)

    Nice neighbourhood for sure....I was happy wandering about on my own :)
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    I was staying at Wicker Park with some very nice people via airbnb after PJ20. The place was close to the train station, it was perfect.
  • if you like old school, the Congress Plaza is cool. Plus you can walk across the street and see the fountain from the begining of Married with Children.
    TRobinson wrote:
    Im staying at the Congress Plaza, heard good things about the area, if you dont mind an out of date hotel
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    hampton inn is always good... downtown, subway ride to wrigley... AND... free breakfast. i rest my case.
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  • When my work was paying for it, I would always stay at the Hyatt Regency on Wacker Dr. The big bar is cool with a nice view, but expensive if you are paying for it yourself. Close to magnificent mile, navy pier and the loop.
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    I can hook you up at the Marriott on the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave - in the heart of downtown) if you can help hook me up with 1 ticket. It's an awesome hotel. We stay there often just for fun. Please, I can't afford what these brokers and scalpers are asking for (and I won't support them). :!:
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