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Pearl Jam 2020 North America Tour
Please read the presale announcement

To give fans the best chance to buy tickets at face value for this tour, Pearl Jam has decided that tickets will be mobile only and strictly non-transferable, except in NY and CO where transferability is required by state law.

SafeTix™ Ticket Transferability Info: SafeTix mobile tickets will be issued for all tickets for all shows. These tickets will be non-transferable, (except in NY and CO where transferability is required by state law), which means that ticket purchasers will be required to enter the venue with their guests. SafeTix tickets use a unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so they cannot be screenshot or counterfeited. SafeTix tickets require a smartphone to display. No other tickets will be accepted for entry.

Fan-to-Fan Face Value Ticket Exchange: For fans who are unable to use their tickets, Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster will offer North America’s first Fan-to-Fan Face Value Ticket Exchange, which will allow fans to resell their tickets for the price they paid (including all fees). The Fan-to-Fan Face Value Ticket Exchange will launch on February 18, 2020. There will be no additional fees charged to Exchange users for buying or selling tickets on the Exchange.


We are not a broker site - do not sell or ask someone to sell tickets above face value here.
Ten Club ticket: Please know only one ticket in each ticket pair ( your guest ticket) will be transferable at a later date.  The remaining ticket in each pair is non-transferable.  Information on how to transfer your guest ticket will be available closer to the show date. For information see:

Please see the rules:

Posting Guidelines:

Ten Club Ticket Policy:
Note: Rules may change slightly from tour to tour, so please be sure to read the complete pre-sale announcement for any changes to the policies listed below.

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