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Looking for Smile Honolulu Pre-Party Video: Yes, I know how to search

pjtaperpjtaper Posts: 3,020
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I am looking for the youtube video of the CCFA pre party where smile was played... I played a very drunken harmonica on this, it was quite fun... If anyone knows where to find it, please post a link or PM me.
Please don't ask me if I know about the search function, I looked on Youtube and all over the pit already!
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  • pearljgirl2010pearljgirl2010 Shillington, PA/Tuckerton, NJPosts: 3,428
    ha! sorry --can't help you, but I like your thread title :-)
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  • Given to...Given to... WyomingPosts: 4,896
    If you ever find it, let us know. I was there watching you, but I dont have a clue if anyone was taping.

    You did swell, if thats what you wanna know.

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  • pjtaperpjtaper Posts: 3,020
    haha, no I did horrible, but thanks.... I was so drunk I played the same thing over and over again. I know the video is on Youtube, I've seen it before... Just can't find it now!
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  • wolfbearwolfbear Posts: 3,965
    That was fun. We got there just as the party was breaking up. Sorry we missed it. :)
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