Bifocals, Hair Coloring, and False Teeth.



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    mfc2006 wrote:
    man, i hate the dentist....i would have been freaking the fuck out. glad you're doing well, though!
    same here. i'll go gums if that day comes. im gettin grey but i can dig that.
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  • JonnyPistachioJonnyPistachio FloridaPosts: 10,189
    I guess one good result of PJ not touring much lately is that your thread could've read, bifocals, hair coloring, false teeth, and hearing aids.. if they toured more..
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  • ClaireackClaireack Posts: 13,561
    Reading glasses, computer glasses, hair dye, but no false teeth yet.

    Although, one of my front teeth is wonky as hell and I'd love to have it whipped out and a nice straight one put in it's place. I guess orthodontists weren't as good 30 something years ago as they are now.
  • mikalinamikalina Posts: 7,206
    I know I need Bifocals - but I refuse to get them... I use reading glasses for anything up close and my
    "driving glasses " for night time driving - :P

    I have fantastic teeth and my hair still grows - so I'm good with those 2....
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