eddie sang with the strokes

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last night I went to the RollingStone Magazine 100th Issue party.

The strokes headlined... eddie came up for "Juicebox"

It was pretty f'n awesome

Lou Reed also did wild thing with the strokes.

Here's a picture: http://jeddeth.blogspot.com
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    This would be nice to hear. I cant believe people around here weren't all over this (or were they?). There was a pretty strong rumor that they'd hook up. With Letterman, AOL, etc. I guess one more little performance is just too much to handle. ;)
  • thank you so much for posting this. I started listening to The Strokes just a month ago and they keep blowing me away. not since Kings of Leon has a band grew on me that fast. I'd love to hear Eddie singing Juicebox, please let us know if there's a download available. Cheers
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    I truly cannot believe this isn't bigger news. So much going on with this board that something like this gets lost in the info!
    BTW, it's the 1,000th issue, not 100th. Picked it up today, actually. It's incredible! You guys should check it out. The cover is a giant hologram of what I assume is every person/frontman that's ever graced the cover. Ed's there.
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    that was pretty cool. "walk on the wild side" was the lou reed song that was played. not wild thing. Saw them in toronto last nite! they rocked the house!
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    pearl jam @ the astoria, london, 20/04/06
  • Just now at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The Strokes opening for RHCP.
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    Ed’s voice sounded good to me. Seems to have healed up nicely.
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  • Had the same thought.
  • PJALKPJALK Posts: 57
    WTF Ed. Save your voice for Canada.  
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