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Not sure if anyone has heard of Ethan Johns? An award winning producer (Ryan Adams, KOL amongst many others) - he has been doing a tour of record shops in the UK promoting his new solo album "If now then when?" (which is brilliant BTW!)

I thought it was a very cool thing to do, supporting a bunch of local record stores. I saw him in Square Records in Wimbourne (Dorset, UK) last night along with maybe 30-40 people. He was very cool! Talked and played for an hour or so - lots of stories about the artists he has worked with and some great music.

Check out the link below: ... re=related
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  • Good shout, I saw him recently in Banquet records in Kingston. He was really cool. I really like the record too. He signed a vinyl copy for me. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of acoustic folk rock.
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