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    Did anyone else notice the film camera at the back of the Stalls for both Hammersmith gigs, is this normal for Eddie gigs? I don't recall seeing a camera at the Manchester gig... I didn't see whether it was actually recording during the shows, what are the chances of this being released on DVD?
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    Given to...Given to... Wyoming Posts: 4,982
    Yeah. No cameras and no loud mouth d-bags ruining the show.
    "...would you like some forks?" EV 12-02-06
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    Yeah. No cameras and no loud mouth d-bags ruining the show.

    TOTALLY AGREEEEE!!!!! lets be rid of the "Silence assassins" or what is it Eddie calls them?

    Hope the show I go to is fantastic and memorable!!! Sure will bring some tissues and little make up on... plan on letting the tears roll!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    Red Mosquito75Red Mosquito75 Moline IL Posts: 1,034
    I do not understand how or why anyone would question his wishes. If you do not respect the man how could you possibly respect the music?

    Well put
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    I'llridethewaveI'llridethewave Posts: 181
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    Dear Loud mouth d-bags aka "Thieves of Silence,"

    Please don't show up at Kiva Auditorium on Election night.

    Much obliged,
    CO Traveler
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    curlycurly Posts: 703
    great quote.... :):)
    stargirl69 wrote:
    Why is there not a far harsher penalty for this complete disregard for an artists wishes? I witnessed the same at Chris Cornell in Glasgow,there were notices all over the venue about no filming or cameras yet selfish ignorant people still openly did it.
    The security were very tight in the area I was sitting in though,many people were told to stop or they would be escorted out of the venue,it worked,people put their cameras away.Faced with being put out and missing the gig people would choose to put the cameras away.A removal policy should be de rigueur for such behaviour.

    As for the set threads,I have never heard nor read anything so ridiculous and irritating.Wankers that spend all their time at the gig updating their egobook and twatters as to what is being played so that the locked out masses can 'feel' as if they are actually there all takes away from the fact it is a gig for the people that got tickets.Not for the people that didn't.
    It seems no event is sacred from the pollution that is today's instant society of letting everyone know exactly what you are doing at exactly the time you are doing it.

    I loved the days when a gig was a gig with bars closed during a set and no cameras being shoved in the air to gain a grainy picture,are people's memories so poor these days that they can't hold the wonder of what they saw and heard inside as treasures rather than outside as ego strokes.
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    curlycurly Posts: 703
    MsNelly....You are so so dead on here....
    i hate to offend anyone here...but i couldn't agree with you more...
    My feelings is how can people possiblly enjoy the show spending their entire time worrying/holding their phone/camera....i know you have some ligit reasons (some do) but, damn,...every other person...
    Don't get me wrong...its awesome seeing the footage sometime later...but is it really necessary??

    What blows my mind is i've met so many people who film/photo like this and the majority i meet say the same thing...
    "I cant wait to show everyone at the office what i got to do last night"...."there going to b so jealous"
    Sorry to vent here ya"ll,.. but come on...seriously...
    "look at how cool i am!!!" "look what i get to do and you dont"...

    Unfortuneatly...and sadly...there are so many people whom are just like that...
    I just don't get it???

    Again, very sorry to offend anyone if i am...just venting cause no one respects the bands wish's or privacy..

    MsNelly wrote:
    big mick wrote:

    I know right? It's so sad!!! So sad. At my last PJ gig I was on the rail up the front, and at one stage I let this little thing take my spot on the rail so she could see the boys, and you know what she did?? She just stood there filming with her phone (or camera, I can't remember) . . . didn't bother to put the phone away so she could actually clap eyes on the boys with her own blessed sense of sight, no she just looked at that screen the whole time!!! So sad!!!! I don't think I've ever taken a photo at a PJ concert (although fuck I wish I had for some! My outfit in '95 would have been awesome) I'm always too bloody excited and drinking it all in. When I'm really hanging to look at my heroes' faces (which yah, probably happens more than it should) there's like a gazzilion photos online, that are going to be a lot better than the crappy photos I took while waving my arm around in the dark. I can understand wanting to take a few photos of your night (especially of yourself and your mates) but I really don't get documenting the whole thing while you're there, for what? To watch later? To show to people? I'm sure there are some people with really valid reasons for filming (i.e. they promised to film as much as possible for a friend who couldn't make it, or they want to share the gig over youtube with fans who can't make it, or they're a techie-type-geek and love cameras and shit) but every second fucking person is engaging with a concert through a fucking camera these days!!! IT'S SO SAD! SO NAFF! C'mon people, live a little. You can't take your photos with you when you die, but I reckon you can probably take your experiences, and your memories :)
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    big mickbig mick Hull UK Posts: 773
    A DVD release of these shows would be s good idea or some boots, but I don't want to listen to the audience shouting
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    AndyVanSlykeAndyVanSlyke Posts: 183

    I sure hope the pit doesn't look like this...

    Cellphones and camera chest level (if at all)

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    AndyVanSlykeAndyVanSlyke Posts: 183
    Also Kat, thanks for keeping this a sticky! I know there's no way to control this in an arena but i hope we can set a standard as 10club members!!
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    ratmandoratmando Outside of Portland, or somewhere like that Posts: 347
    Kat wrote:
    No cameras of any kind. Just enjoy the show; I hope you have a great time. :)
    This policy is such a kindness to me and people like me, and the absolute demand for Ed.to allow each of us to truly understand a unique experience. At 49, I admit That when I would go see queen and feel, and mot just hear or sort of see them at Boston garden, it was like being transported out of daily drudgery. Nothing could be more thrilling than having Freddie mercury take an entire group of a few thousand close friends into his tears, his own quiver of passion, and dangle us before Oberon himself.

    I hadn't felt that so succinctly as I had when Glen Hansard blended souls and sounds . The thunder of Arc played out in multiple mammoth swells of ebb and tide as if we, the audience, became the spirits in magnificent raging tunnels of life. You can't snapshot, video, or otherwise try go enter that audio painting. I will cherish each second as if if we're my first of last. It was lives, madness and love. fearlessly played a universal sole in minutes. Why ruin that with YouTube or histograms'
    When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.

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    jw234911jw234911 annapolis maryland Posts: 255
    I got video of the DC solo show and my computer crashed about two weeks ago the video was on there hope I can get it fixed to get the video off of there . Yea snuck my. In at the show but th dvd came out
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    I get what you all are saying about the distraction of the cell phones in the air. Its annoying. I for one am broke and have no cell phone of my own therefore no huge dependence on one either. It is annoying to constantly see people's addiction and dependency on it 24/7.
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    moretonbayfigmoretonbayfig Australia Posts: 805
    During the recent Perth shows was great to see a couple of verbal reminders from the stage about the camera policy. It was also great to see the ushers telling people to stop filming/taking photographs. What wasn't so great was to be sitting in an aisle seat both nights and have ushers have to reach across my eye-line several times to give warnings to people further down my row. I had to pause my rocking in the free world to ask an usher to please move his arm from my face.
    Please, if you have an ounce of respect for Ed, respect his simple request and let others enjoy the show.
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    -Emma--Emma- Sydney, Australia Posts: 2,864
    In 2011 when I saw Eddie's show once, I did sneak in my DSLR and took a couple of photos during Hard Sun and when the concert was over, but I wish that I hadn't.

    I went to 8 shows on Eddie's latest tour here and the security was definitely stricter with photography & recording this time around. I didn't use my camera at all and was glad that I never did. In Perth (I think) when the verbal warning was given at the start of the show by one of Eddie's crew, she asked that we respect Ed, so I did just that at each and every show :).

    I still saw a lot of people videoing and taking photos though. At the last Perth show, the couple in front of me were videoing loads of the songs at the same time on their iphones...you're not going to get a great quality video from 15 rows back on an iphone! Surely they could have shared their files, instead of both videoing the same song too. #-o I felt like tapping them on the shoulders and asking them to stop, but I didn't and security never saw them.
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    E.KE.K New South Wales, Australia Posts: 7,704
    The potty mouthed, white coated woman at the beginning of the EV Australian shows telling us not to take photos or record was hilarious ... the C word was even used last Tuesday night in Brisbane. It still didn't stop a guy in my row recording for most of the night. /:)
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    bethwalker1987bethwalker1987 Washington Posts: 122
    Respect always pays! Bigtime! Makes you a "Betterman"
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    Brain of TreyBrain of Trey Jupiter Fl, new to Cambridge MA Posts: 55
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    gb277849gb277849 Albuquerque Posts: 4
    I was a drunken jackass at night one of Tulsa. Damn glad it wasn't recorded. Great shows both nights though!
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    HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon Winnipeg Posts: 36,235
    videotaping at a show just takes away from the experience, in my opinion. audiotaping, not so much. but I'm getting sick and tired of telling people to put down their fucking glowing screen so I can see the act. I was second row for Cornell on his most recent solo tour. The dude right in front of me IN ROW 1 was recording on his phone the entire show until I told him to stop. he even had the nerve to ask me why. Really? you want to try to enjoy the show with a glowing white light in your eyes the entire time? luckily, it wasn't an issue the rest of the show. I just don't get it.

    live your life. stop recording it.
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    I've been to a number of EV gigs and there has been announcements around photography/filming to which I don't mind as long as it doesn't bother my experience of the night.

    I am there to be in the moment not fussing over a camera.

    I personally find idiots heckling/whistling/yelling out eddies name like he doesn't know his own name far, far more annoying and would be happy to see a policy to eradicate that.

    That said the simplest thing for EV to do is to release the gigs on bootleg and it negates the whole issue of recording. EV gigs are after all, experiences worth sharing, even for those who weren't there, or perhaps were, but want a memento.
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    SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,200
    I agree that bootlegs would be great but that will never happen. Can you imagine the number of idiots screaming "funny" song requests or asking for EV to play YL? This number would increase simply so people could purchase the boot and say "that was me!" Just my 2 cents.
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    E.KE.K New South Wales, Australia Posts: 7,704
    At the Chris Cornell solo show I attended in Brisbane Australia last week Chris asked why people weren't taking photos. :confused:
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    doomponydoompony Wellington, NZ Posts: 4,497
    Last time Cornell played they were REALLY strict about no photos. But this time there were no such warnings. I guess people were reluctant to take pics if they remembered the time before, and doubley so if he played the same venue! I took pics. Muahahahaha.
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    benjs said:
    thefin190 wrote:
    I remember in Seattle, there were light flashes going off everywhere in the beginning, even though the policy said camera type devices were banned. So much so that Ed acknowledged it, and then played it off as well as he could, saying "alright, get it over with now". He then posed for the pictures (holding up a middle finger, then two middle fingers). One of my regrets was not bringing a suitable device where I could've taken a picture of him doing the double middle fingers. Even if I did, I would be too scared since security was walking up and down the aisles.

    That being said, I really wish Ed would release official bootlegs. Alot of fans would be willing to pay a fair price for them. I think the fact that he doesn't, it encourages people to record and trade them illegally. The best way to reduce or eliminate these sort of recording devices is is offering a better alternative, rather than double down on enforcing the policy.
    I agree about that ending statement. When I saw the Who during their Endless Wire tour, they offered DVDs of the show, professionally filmed and edited (albeit quite simply), for $25. Since an Eddie Vedder show is a solo affair, why he couldn't have someone at the back of the venue with a tripod-mounted camcorder recording the show, leave it entirely unedited - just a one-angle end product - is a bit beyond me. This is an untapped market so ripe with opportunity for profit for him. Charge $10-15 for an easy-to-produce, easy-to-distribute MP4 file on a DVD-R, and people would absolutely buy these. I've seen EV four times on his own now, and I would absolutely buy at least one.
    I loved that The Who did that dvd/cd release thing on that tour. Even cooler though was when I saw the Pixies in ‘06 or ‘07 and you could buy a recording of the show as soon as it was over. I totally get that Ed wants to maintain the intimacy of these shows but he really should think about an option for releasing them. I’ve thought maybe it’s because with the solo shows mistakes and forgotten lyrics are much more front and center. But I’ve got a million PJ bootlegs with performance flubs and I love them, it often adds charm imo. And besides these shows have a full band so it’s less pressure on Ed. Anyway, who knows? I’m sure he has his reasons and we all just need to respect them. 
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    rjbinneyrjbinney Posts: 19
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    Was just coming here to see if there were boots - saw him at Benaroya and would love a copy of "Give Blood" (and Chad's guitar solo on "Free World"). I supposed official boots would mean having to clear publishing rights/royalties on all the covers - PJ songs, included.

    Not having to watch a show through everyone else's phone's LCD screens is a bonus.

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