We need another mystery vinyl sale

youngsteryoungster BostonPosts: 6,574
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C'mon 10c. Whaddya say? We all know you have boxes of spare vinyl singles just collecting dust in the warehouse. Time to make some room, no?
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  • I'll second this motion...
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  • RKCNDYRKCNDY Seattle, WAPosts: 31,013
    yes please... there has to be a few odds and ends hanging around the warehouse....PJ20 DVDs, backpacks, flags...
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  • HollisBrownHollisBrown Posts: 3,491
    Still haven't received the first one. :twisted:
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    I know. I had one on 4/20/11
  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,149
    yes, this would be very nice at the moment. Cmon 10c :D
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