How sticky are the stickers?

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Was thinking about throwin one on my snowmobile. But won`t if it`s doubtful to last. Where`s the harshest place you`ve put a sticker? thx for any input. Peeaasss
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  • tater926tater926 Posts: 263
    I put the bandwagon sticker on my truck window 4.5 years ago. The edges are pealing but the sticker is still there.
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  • javis el errantejavis el errante Buenos AiresPosts: 6,126
    I haven't stcked any yet... I don't think I will ever...
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  • RiotZactRiotZact Posts: 5,183
    I've had one on my jeep for about a year through a pretty harsh winter and no garage and it still looks fine. On another note I really wish they would have made stickers of your avatar OP
  • curlycurly Posts: 687
    pretty sticky...

    i got an assortment of them on our gang boxes at work and our Rubbermaid 55gal barrel's we use to catch water in .... My parents own a fire sprinkler company... I help run the company...

    i put them on from 2000-2005 and they still holding up and these boxes go thru hell and back...
    from job sites to back of work trucks thru rough midwestern 10 below zero winters...

    i give em the thumbs up...
  • They are pretty good put the pj20 one on my suv and it's fine snow and all.
  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,982
    the Built to Last one is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!
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  • ahill721ahill721 Posts: 2,071
    Lizard wrote:
    the Built to Last one is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!

    I have had one on a sig bottle for years now, it has withstood the dishwasher like a champ!!!
  • Pamela0222Pamela0222 Posts: 1,544
    I put one on my 4wheeling helmet.... it's been through the snow/rain/mud and hasn't started to peel yet!! :D
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  • I had the PJ Hawk sticker on my car and it didnt last a year. It stuck but faded to complete white in the sun. But we have some pretty hot sunny days here in FL.
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  • Attaway77Attaway77 N/APosts: 1,706
    Had the Vedder sticker on my old vehicle from the 08' solo show and it still looked like a champ when it came time to get a new truck last year.. Have one on my snowboard, still going strong...(to answer your question on harshest places, Lake Tahoe & Nor Cal to East Coast rain and travel in-between)
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    one of the ripped some of my chest hair off...
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